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Acts 17 v 11

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1290 and 1335 tried as ending together



Use 360 day prophetic year , as per Anderson.

I hope you noticed the previous explanation had some shortcomings?

Here is the same material reconsidered, from another viewpoint, you may of course have make up your own mind Acts 17 v 11 again.

Robert Anderson 1841-1918.  Pointed out that prophetic years are 360 days long in his book ‘The Coming Prince’ chp;6.

O.K. Take the days as years as in Numbers 14 v 34 and if the two counts end together [note Daniel 12 v 11 & 12 only gives one ending description] .

Then there is a 45 year [1335-1290=45] period of 360 day years or 360 x 45 = 16,200 actual days between two commissioning actions.  

Return to Daniel 11 v 30-31 this would make a change and the 680/681 event is demoted to the trouble making.

Reconsider does 31b imply final fixing in place?

If so reconsider Revelation 17 v 18 & 18 v 7b the 680/681  does not quite do it, does it?

16200 days is not quite 45 years, it comes to around 44 years + 129 days or 4 months.

Are there two events in history which set things up to Revelation’s description near 44 years 4 months apart?

I found two commissioning candidates but I regret, not any exact [to the day] dates.

These are;

Justinian II kissing Pope Constantine’s feet. Somewhere the date should be recorded.# This  event may be overly exaggerated to glorify the papacy?

Pepin’s donation of land to Pope Stephen I or II.  The effective date of the gift may be a moot point.##

#In Istanbul ##in Paris. [That is actual local records, I think this data will exist]

Email me if you know?

About 710/711 ce and [44 years 4 months] 754/755/756 ce respectively.  If these two events are proved some other distance apart than 16200 days THEN one or both date points are incorrectly selected or this method is wrong!

And we will wait on God.  Do not serve God with a date in view, such is a poor motive.

Meantime discuss. Perhaps even left with two unclear solutions, maybe we are in the right ball park as they say???

In reality things seldom happen at a single point in time but happen over a short period of minor contributing factors, one must search for the point that changes or commissions the change.

So I will suggest;

The day Justinian II kissed the feet of Pope Constantine, raising the Pope’s status [to godlike?].

The day Pope Stephen really became a monarch.

Maybe the days; 45 [360d/yrs] apart?

Not completed this.  

So time may be required either for me or somebody else to finish this.

I remind every reader, that what you read, is to me ongoing long time searching and more like a journal of facts and thoughts of the time written. Not a book written from fully completed research.  I noted a few places where an article just a few pages down from another where I had no idea of what was going to be written. Its just happened this time, that I’ve written into an unsolved portion.