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Acts 17 v 11

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Daniel simplified

Daniel simplified 3&4

A Look at Daniel

Stars of Daniel 12

Daniel simplified

The Rahab Effect

Joining the Chain up

1335 Happy Ending

In italics numbers with n or d prefix are chapters in Daniel, n=narrative d=prophetic.

Vision                                   start                                          End time reference

Captivity & foods n1  

Fearsome Image d2             2 v 1                                          28, 42-45

Fiery furnace n3

Great Tree d4                      by Neb  & finish with Neb or Some consider this                                                                    prophetic note2

Writing on wall n5

Lion’s den n6

Four Beasts d7                     7 v 2                                           11-12, 27

Horns & 1st Constant feature   d8 v 1                                   [2300]   25

Seventy weeks d9                9 v 24[70x7]                              [up to] 27b

Kings N & S d11+12             11 v 1[1290 & 1335]                  12 v 1,2

Kings N & S; 2nd Constant feature                                

Prophecy gives hope, but it also demonstrates intelligent use of God’s abilities, his reality as a force over human affairs.

[Genesis “be like God”? –Daniel Oh really? watch& learn, this is what this God can do!]

The issue from Eden; who should rule Earth; God or Man. Prophecy demonstrates an ability to see ahead,  a valuable asset in Rulership!

Because the first Empire falls during Daniel’s work, there is a time slip in the ‘line up’ of the prophecy, again; once you know about it, easy enough to sort.

A real or imaginary canvas or paper to doodle this on; as you please: Start top left and work in columns down for each.

First column top; the golden head matches the Second column top the first beast with a heart.

Looked at this way, we have a matrix; first two the prophecies running alongside each other through time.

Starter: The Image with head of Gold, easy we’re told Daniel 2 v 36-38, for first beast compare Daniel 4 v 30 & 4 v 34-37 with Daniel 7 v 4.

At this point note Daniel 4 v 32 a lesson to learn not just Nebuchadnezzar but in time all humanity including all the Kingdoms in the last day, the keynote verse of Daniel.

Diagram suggestions;

There are 5 main prophecies; Image, 4 beasts, 5 horns, 70 weeks, North & South.

Place in six columns over page, time travels down the page.

First column draw a man [arms folded or outstretched as body sections are time related]

Second column draw the four beasts, first at top

Third column at the level of the third beast, a goats head with stump of a broken horn and four new horns growing out near it, one of the lower downward pointing draw larger – write “S” on it [one of the top horns write an “N”, rooted into one of these 4 another horn extend this down to the bottom of diagram, write the number 2300 vertically near [but not on] the lower part of this fifth horn.  I suggest this fifth horn of Greece is the democratic idea, though much modified still extends to today.  Greek democracy was not equality nor human rights, but possibly more potent in a time when the clay mixes with Iron.

Fourth column at the level of the second beast draw a horizontal line, under this more lines then dash vertically crowfoot style to represent bricks, put the number 70 in the middle somewhere. Then under this brickwork toward the upper level of the fourth beast, a representation for the Messiah the Christian fish; tail left nose right, below this a weak wavy line or broken bricks nearly to the bottom.

At this stage you have a blank template of the book of Daniel as a single summary picture, as you may wish to have several tries with the chain positioning part; make copies now.   Good artists please would you give copies at this template stage to other students, Thank you, simple outline cartoon style may be better than attempting realism, after all its symbolic.  There is a “Gentile Times” optional addition covered later.

Fifth column [pencil] draw a chain or rope from the level of the rams horns hanging to the bottom.

The space for notes, top of 3,4,5 & sixth column for history notes.

The Rahab Effect

Considerations of What prophecy does Foretell.

The prophetic actions which will be performed, may be subject at Yahweh’s discretion to his published terms and conditions.  The prophetic actions will not condemn any individual to be good or bad [James 1 v 13] , God may act as an executive moderator if individuals choose righteous or evil paths [Ezekiel 18].

This may explain why things may not happen to the letter as the Little horn [if you take my meaning] has given some initial help to the returning Israel.  It is not my place to say “This is what is happening”, only to alert my reader to be aware of the possible rules God may apply to such situations Genesis 12 v 3.

The Rahab Effect or God will attempt to save all.

Rahab, Gibeonites, Bottle gourd plant, Ebedmelech, Rechabites,   

And also the reverse: Eli, Judas, Ananias, Sapphira also note strong remarks to some of the seven congregations.

It will fulfil the word given by God, it will not necessarily fulfil our very clever interpretation or hopeful aspirations of that same said word, therefore be disciplined and submissive in interpretation.  The only way prophecy may not happen are the terms & conditions given by Yahweh at Ezekiel 18.

Yahweh is known to take things on if he feels challenged in word [1Kings 20] to forgive or be merciful [bottle gourd], quite rightly being his prerogative. Yahweh is alive, active and attentive to fully do all the things he has promised, since declaring the prophecy he hasn’t slept a wink! Take careful note of his attitude to things Job 40 v 6 to 14.  From the narrative note; Daniel 4 v 27.

We call it the, King of North and King of South prophecy, today we might have used the terms Southern power bloc and Northern power bloc.  An approximate compass bearing relative to the Land of Israel.  

The thing stated will be brought about even when the ‘players’ try to do otherwise, force if required [Ezekiel 38 v 4] .

We shall see……………[Galatians 6 v 7]

I hope my readers will take note and not be as Jonah [Jonah 3 v 5 to 4 v 1]