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Acts 17 v 11

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Something special about understanding Daniel,

The End Times.

There are of course many interpretations of Daniel about, you my reader have to choose among them.  Some learned, some enthusiastic well meaning guesswork, and even some silly.

Ignore the dogmas of those who tell you it means this or that, it is to remain sealed to the End Times, so the search is for the open/unsealed Daniel when it is understood. Daniel 12 v 8,9

Unsealed means open to any earnest seekers who wish: Daniel 12 v 10

Now in addition to whatever understanding an unsealed Daniel means, the fact is, that when it is unsealed this means in itself that the Time of The End has come, because both unsealing of Daniel & End Times are together.

If Daniel is sealed up then the End Times are not here yet, if Daniel is unsealed better use your study earnestly.

Ask the Father to request Jesus to check your ears John 10 v 27.  Whilst you are diligent to apply Acts 17 v 11.

The above holds even if this website has not opened the prophecy to you and to all interpretations for Nobody can state the it is the End Time unless they can open Daniel unsealed: goes for anybody.

Believers must be alert that they check it out, whenever it is opened!