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Acts 17 v 11

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The enigmatic three and a half times.

In most of these cases it seems to directly relate to “a time period”, but no single solution makes sense in all the places where it is used.  I refer here to the widely accepted meaning being three and a half years.

My apologies to those who have used much time in 3½ year based calculations, as for some years I have suspected the case below, but did not think myself able to prove it [subject to Acts 17 v 11].  Then in the last few days it seemed so simple.

Getting to three and a half is the easy bit, Revelation 11 gives a row of clues  

v2; 42 [42/12= 3½  ]

V3; 1260 [1260/360= 3½  ]

-we have a common denominator of three and a half which is used again directly in verses 9 & 11.

Go back and re-initialise your thoughts on where we are here 11 v 1 & 2.

So when the riddle is stated in verse 3 who is setting the times?

Here is another solution to this.

Not the Numbers 14 v 34 but 2 Peter 3 v 8, if you were able to actually be in the place of Revelation 11 just what would the pages in god’s own diary read as?

I suggest we view this as a bracketing figure, or a zone of permit.

Revelation 11 gives some testing points, the period includes;

Verse 5 consider Exodus 9 v 24, 1 Kings 18 v 37,38, 2 Kings 1 v 10,12, 2 Kings 6 v 17, clearly inside the three and a half.

Verse 6 consider 1 Kings 17 v 1, Exodus 7 v  19 clearly inside the three and a half.

Verse 7 consider  Mathew 23 v 37, Romans 8 v 35 & 36 clearly inside the three and a half.

This shows an inclusion of both Hebrew and Gentile servants of God across time.

So when does it start? With certainty not before Deuteronomy 17 v 6, when two witnesses becomes a legal formality.

The clue is again from Revelation 11 v 3 notice the address- “two witnesses”

Who or what are they, there are several ways of looking at this;

The separation of civil power and religious administrations, in Israel could be the two witnesses.


The Jewish system then the Christian one, as two witnesses.


Signifies true witness on behalf/for God.

Dates of the Exodus are not agreed on, but is probably after the conquest, when Israel stands as a Nation on its God given land. Consider Isaiah chp, 43.

However 3½ God days/times are 3500 years. [3449.69 years if Anderson applied.]

Which means its near ending soon.

Now do an Acts 17 v 11 on the above-don’t believe a word I say!

Here I talk to believers not the public, you all have access to the top desk and His main notebook, use it!

To stay balanced each way may I suggest; Daniel 9 v 2.: 2 Thessalonians 2 v 3.: Mathew 24 v 36. & Mark 13 v 32.: Mark 13 v 33.:

10/7/2016  Reader.

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A time, times, and an half;

The enigmatic three and a half times.

Daniel 7 v 25 & 12 v 7  also Revelation 11 v 9, 11.& 12 v 14