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Acts 17 v 11

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So you want a date!

So you want a date!

This is NOT recommended, the general advice based on our experience is to ignore them, the “day & hour” cannot be known; Mark 13 v 32.  Suchlike attempts have humiliated many individuals and groups, so be warned - stay calm & cool.

But I realise this work has given my reader the way to possibly work one day out: 32 February 2019  or thereabouts +/-100years.

As to what happens..??? Significance big/small unknown.

But if as a study, it makes you happy.

[Remember to re-check all supporting arguments; perspective, starting points, maybe typos here and there, history source variations, The end of the 1335 will have some sort of commensurate connection with the 1335 start, the 11 days calendar change etc. adjust as your results suggest, Acts 17 v 11.]

If I have set my hand to do some teaching, then it would be amiss of me to exclude from the full breadth of what is given me.  Daniel 12 v 12 cannot be enjoyed by persons ignorant of any expectation!

KJV  Daniel 12 v 12 “Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days”.

My readers can now start waiting, if they agree [Acts 17 v 11] on the presentation here.

And if nothing happens?

Then I and those who agree with me, will be wrong.  Interpretations may and many do fail but the Prophecy cannot as the living God will bring it about.

However what if these counts start different and end the same, the other method to consider is coming.

But we’re only human, that is our nature and place.  Do not think that by study and well arranged arguments you may come to know that which the Christ was not told?  

We may sense a “Time of the End” coming but the effect can be like the tide which comes and goes, strategic positions of Nations can also intensify and wane; looks like it will happen tomorrow then go quiet for decades.  Be awake, however it looks, that is all we are instructed to do…….

2 Thessalonians 2 v 1 & 2

Habakkuk 2 v 1,2 & 3