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Acts 17 v 11

Copy Permit


Basically I would like you all to now pass this on in anyway Christianly possible, which is available to you.

It is not anywhere near as important as the message of Salvation, but all who hope in Christ should be aware of the Decree on Babylon.

In an understandable way.

A Copy Permit

In a work such as this copyright is not a thing to claim.  All the source material is Scripture and therefore copyright belongs to the everlasting God.  There are directives in Scripture to which I will shape the copyrights claimed by this site [therefore by me.]. The state of all the Christian groups today sounds very like Revelation 2 & 3, thus I think and consider myself directed to take this whole conflicting group as the audience; if you hope in Christ -you are the audience.  [I have no intention to start any religion here, any Christian may read and use this - let’s all get safely past the destruction of Babylon the Great and meet up then.]

1. You [as any: individual or group or organization etc.] may [non-exclusively] reproduce this work in full or any part, you may use it in quotes and further discussion [spoken or written or to address a particular audience; books, blogs, forums, by present or future technologies etc..] in any circumstance which advances any persons or general, knowledge of God, belief or faith and/or the commanded preaching of the word. Please feel free to keep copies of this site for your own study or pass onto to friends. Internet: You are free to download the full site, or link  using anchors. No title to the website or original content is granted to; any: individual or group or organization etc.. Back links much appreciated as advertising is so expensive.

The title right for the yahweh-immanuel.info Website to be associated with first publication is reserved to it, and not to any future owner of that said website name.  So it is appropriate to credit the Website as the Names to credit are in its name, not the writer.


I hereby disinherit the claim of any heir of mine to title of this work, deny any appointment of appointees to the title of this work, it is not for sale but given already, here now, me to you.

2. You must not remove the Name of God; Yahweh aka. Jehovah from any place, except to replace it with another version of the same said Name.  Yahweh the Name is an English pronunciation of the ancient Hebrew YHWH , Jehovah is more popular and sounds more like English word.  Yahweh does not flow in English like Jehovah but is a tad more accurate [note Welsh hymn].  I will leave it to your preference on which variety of the divine Name you choose, but God or Lord is not the divine Name these are titles.

3. The following Scriptures I yield to be taken as directives on copyright of this site by anyone copying material: Exodus 20 v 7, Matthew 24 v 14 & Revelation 22 v 17.

4. You may not sell this work to profiteer, but all reasonable time and material costs are fair, the given here text is free & given in perpetuity.  This site runs at my expense, donations are not required -do not ask donations will be rejected!

5. You must never represent this writer as the provider of ‘meat in due season’, irrespective of your conscientious feeling, I am not that one [definite article M24:45 comp M28:18] perhaps I might prove to be the one at R13:18 [also definite article] but give that 30-40 years or so- no rush.   Qualitative difference M24:45 is a commission R13:18 is a task.  Restaurant-to a-snack.


6. No form of payment or liability is arranged or accepted between us. Nor will anyone ever be authorized to make such a request, this is placed on the Internet at at this end at no cost to you. Costs of the Internet at your end and cost of printing/paper are for you to arrange as and when. As you may take as you please and I do not know your viewpoint, I cannot give nor should you presume I give any direction. Use your own conscience and reason, refer to scripture for guidance. I assume readers are mostly believers therefore, your duty is to God not to me and I will simply trust you, assuming also you will be honest. Please note that as many people have written on these subjects so I must acknowledge sometimes this work will not be the first, where this happens please credit the first source not this.  However on a number of points [the 666 calculation, Neoteny, Virgin birth, Ships of Kittim, for example, first published herein] it is uniquely the first, this site does not demand recognition provided you do not steal credit, the tiniest reference will suffice so your readers/listeners know. In one of these first publication cases, stealing the credit could cause you to make one statement of Scripture a falsehood vis: Matt 5 v 18.

I shall not act to enforce copyright ownership, I do not own the source Yahweh does, so may He be the judge of matters.  With one moderation ...

... Should by the above action or inaction an innocent party be caused to suffer or some crime perpetrated or proper legal duty be imposed on me or any similar such cause; I shall so far as I am able [as the holder in trust] assert subjective personal rights of copyright.

This is published freely to make it available to if possible everyone interested, any help can be given just by passing it on to others, in any suitable form.  Rather than a preaching crusade more of an osmosis between those who believe.

After all that I wish you;

God Speed.

Additional Comments;

In common with first works this may not be understandable to everyone, persons who write the secondary books on subjects often impart more clarity, from their own learning process and starting with a given audience in mind; whereas first investigations are ‘in the thick of it’ and often cover items which turn out to be un-required by a given readership.

So if you think you can do better

-you probably can


It is a common convention in Internet domain names to avoid capital letters, please suppress your urges to capitalize the Name in the URL, because it may prevent access on some systems. If your system is OK that is only OK for you, but pass on the domain name as is. I have registered the domain name with small letters.

Translate? Yes if you wish, other dialects/spelling of English included. I speak no other language so I will not be able to do that, so, nor can any assistance be forthcoming from me. Please mention the original site by name just the same, written in UK English except for one word in a quote and American ...illions. [& Thanks]

You are advised to make a distinction between my text and that of Scripture, I will not be upset if you disagree or alter my words, correct missteaks -if you make it clear. However in certain cases Exodus 20 v 7, Matthew 5 v 18 and Revelation 22 v 18&19 will apply, I grant no permissions for breaking those directions. Please be considerate and comply even if not a believer as you may cause deep offence to believer's sensibilities of holiness.

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A fellow sharer in the burdens and short comings of human kind, with hope in the promises of God.

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