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Acts 17 v 11

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Where is America [U.S.A.] in the End Time Prophecy?


What has happened to the King Of the South in Daniel 11?

& similar questions

We read of the “pushing” in Daniel 11 v 40 is there any more that happens?

The “Kings of North & South saga”; in Daniel chp. 11 is not all that is said about the King of the South.

Compare Daniel 11 v 3,4 with Daniel 8 v 8,9: and we are talking of Greece.

So the King of the South in the End Time is Daniel 8 v 23,24,25 [modern heir to ancient Greece].  Compare and qualify that in  Daniel 8 v 17-19.

So its not missing-just that we missed it, it was already recorded and marked as End Time in Daniel 8  v 17-19.

The little “Ptolemaic horn” reaches the End Time as ‘Democracy’.

Now reread ALL the verses of Daniel 8 and do your Acts 17 v 11; if you agree then Daniel 11 v  40 - 45 is parallel with Daniel 8 v 23,24,25.

It looks as though the kings are not destined to fight each other to the death.

So where is the United States in [the] Bible [prophecy]?  

The short & simple; Answer: Daniel  8 v 23 to 25. But I hope you prefer to learn [the above] to explain to others.

From now on watch American foreign policy and actions.  As there is a high Christian interest this may be the most fascinating to follow.  Genesis promises of God, aid for Israel?

Isn’t it just the case simple oversights cause the biggest problems!

Yahweh-Immanuel information ….. 22/04/18 reader.