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Acts 17 v 11

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3.11 Evolution Eye

The First Light Sensitive Spot & The Eye

When at school, I used to find the answer on sight, ' well it would not be an eye at first but a light sensitive spot' difficult to argue with. Until that is, trying to work out a simple functional light sensitive spot. It cannot in logic be as simple as that answer implies and therefore simple mutational occurrence. Though the first light sensitive spot can be on a life form to small to see, it needs to be engineered in several logical system parts.

1/ Several metabolic pathways for the substance(s) used in light detection, raw chemicals in, synthesis to useful form & after use disposal & in the right place at the right time (last applies to all).

2/ Assuming 1/ available, something to pick up the change or no change in the light sensor chemical and relay that change/no change information.

3/ Assuming 1/ : 2/ signal, recognition & response system, to identify the information and perform an action or no action, of sufficient merit to increase its life chances. The response could be as complex again e.g.; light sensor : process signal to response : dedicated response system.

4/ Assuming 1/ : 2/ :3/ aid survival, it must be entered into the reproduction system to be inherited.

If it doesn't all happen together, it will not work.

Tiny it may be, but for it to work, it has to have all the function of a simple burglar alarm.

And at the opposite end:

The human eyes bring in two detailed multi-megabyte, slightly different viewpoint, scanned better than 20 times a second, upside down wavelength measured data images, via optic nerves to the brain where the images are merged, blind spots mostly cancelled out, turned, wavelengths changed to colours, objects recognised meaningfully (in humans) from memory and detected for movement [note 1] of items within, whole picture, or viewer, and around the physical head of the person an illusion so perfect we consider it for all practical purposes the familiar surrounding we are in, this is an illusion because the enhanced picture is viewed by the self, within a mind's armoured theatre [note 2]. So fast that to catch the eye out, is considered the epitome of speed.

[note 1] Therefore data is not discarded but compared with last for analysis -this means considerable back checking in memory so some calculation of time.

[note 2] Within the skull, the Self is central within the spatially perfect holographic projection, we already have our very own holo-suite, hearing and skin sensors complete the illusion that the individual is a body, whereas in truth the self is a part of the brain.

N.B. Self/soul and body divider in Scripture is perhaps a Creator’s natural perspective of his creation?

Unlike a liver or skin where many cells share purpose and are less spatially differentiated, the eye sensor cells are in a grid they have to be in the right place, all the way into the brain. If these are placed in grid by chance individually are the year numbers for Darwinian Evolution enough? Not only that but these are wired into the most advanced earthly brain, plugged into functions no other earth life form has. (brain; underused in practice, overkill in design -but if we evolved nothing should be overkill in design should it?)

[additional: Consider this if the statement makes sense; the optic system may with the other five instrumentations, vapour, chemical, audio, pressure, and balance, tell us possibly the width of the brain bus to all department's parallel analysis systems.]

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3.11 Evolution Eye