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3.12 Thinking Chances and Ducks with Degrees

So take out the Creator. It seems to me many do not consider the then exposed questions. A mind can with attention to the job estimate/calculate the next step to be undertaken or where there are opportunities for development or problems (although it's seldom easy). An evolved system as proposed for Earth's Nature would have no mind, though misleadingly (carelessly?) is often explained as though it or some organism thinks (Darwin's Fairies?). A chance system will keep dutifully bashing away at all the available possibilities tirelessly, because it cannot see where it is, cannot see what is productive, cannot see what is not productive, it learns yet again and again, nothing plus nothing.


Whereas: the engineer learned Pythagoras and Newton at school, aspired to I.K.B. in his teens, read his trade journal yesterday, combining lessons moments & millennia apart for a prepared mind today. What has always been possible but ethereal, now by a mind made effective. So a thought is wrought in metal, ideas made manifest in chosen materials, the parts exactly fixed in place. For in luck he puts not trust, to chance nothing queathed. The time passes as industry consumes long hours until the machine beast stands grande before it’s engineer. The community comes see, set to the task for which it was made worthiness is established. Local leaders with no understanding of its workings but an accurate concept of the impact carefully introduce and meet as is right, with diligent thought select the fine words. A little boy, ' the gurgles make me laugh' , ' they did me to' whispers the Engineer, 'wow’!  Older ones in a quiet moment comment to the Engineer about the changes to come, it will be so good for the young. Mother anxiously watches the boy, pretending with respect to understand the explanations while forgetting not a word, remembering for her offspring the lessons he misses for now. A cover is removed and a man is silenced, he will not emerge greasy hands and all till he also understands the cogs and wheels. To the front a group who talk only among themselves, then all quiet and a question directed only to the Engineer whose comments are listened to with absolute attention, then back to more excited chatter. Another has checked out the storeroom comes to ask on maintenance. “I must ask about our  bridge” says one who has already calculated the roads and gateways are all bar one enough. And in time all leave. A young man but for mother a ragamuffin coached to say thank you. All quiet as the Engineer savours the recognition while wiping finger marks, for the doing of good a goal in itself.  As pretty polished stones in trinkets of silver, a mere word of credit, accolades as different as people can be, there are those who gather gratitude for their gold, to whom eyes of appreciation ignite brighter than fire of diamonds.

So the creations of the creative are.

It may be tempting to ' get by' diluting the reason base of a theoretical evolutional work, with popular analogy as evidence rather than do the work on the numbers. How can some female bird choose the DNA of a male bird by its feathers, when human technology with all its advances only found that out in the last century? Is there a university all these primitive organisms are attending to get an education to make the choices? Think of the time & work saved if Crick, Watson, Franklin & Wilkins had gone to Duck University*. All theory presented in such a manner is therefore severely flawed. Only in the case of some human females is there a remnant of evidence that these may select a mate by the jeans. It would seem large numbers of the scientific community have not observed sex drive, in the real world how many think of DNA during arousal? Get a grip, Parents, Religion & social customs have fought hard to get some/any order into passion, and DNA evaluation has not been noted as a problem. The romantic and exquisite and animal pleasure of sex drives this.

What is already known as ' phenotype and genotype' is so very often conveniently missed out! It would further reduce the effectiveness of any selection process, as natural selection can only work on the phenotype.

Fundamental Understanding of Utility.

We could say in  enterprises of this sort there is a; “fundamental understanding of  utility”, that is why ‘this’ is worth doing. Creator and Man can function with a fundamental understanding of utility, but animals, plants etc seem lacking in this department. Evolution cannot see where its going, we keep being told things think or achieve -this requires mental function. Such sci-fi is nonsense.

We live on a planet with Nature and Man's works. We know of the works of Man, efforts, achievements along with catastrophic losses here and there. It has been a long hard road to today and has cost us dearly. Then we compare Man's work with Nature and sigh. After all our efforts are we put to silence by an accident or a Master?

If a Creator taught the spider how to spin the webs, that is OK. If the spider worked it out itself, the Engineers would like to know how. Do not get our eyes rolling on "millions of years" there are enough machines with a million parts, we can handle the zeroes.

Man is a creator, we understand our creations and have the bruises to prove it. Works of human creation abound on Earth, - of accidental creativity we have no demonstrable routines.

[additional: There is some sloppy work about passed off as science, because the Biological world lives without our help. The demands of ' making the thing work' of other disciplines can be avoided it seems. The mechanic without the aid of Darwin's Fairies must excise the gremlins in his/her machine, before it even works. The crankshaft thinks ..no ...... while you wait for the fairies, I will get a spanner!]

*[Reference to the water bird ' duck' here, my apologies if there is a place named Duck, with a university.]

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3.12 Thinking Chances and Ducks with Degrees


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