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Acts 17 v 11

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3.18 Evolution, the great Danger - why?

Persons who leave the faith for Evolution, often continue to live with Christian standards seemingly being of good behaviour.  Many Evolutionists live by Christian standards without recourse to any faith.   So sadly no ‘alarm bells ‘ ring out and these may be less likely to return than those who later return repentant after more hurtful sin., why?

This is written to change views on the seriousness of the above situation.

Daniel 11 v 34, 35 Note the two types of Stumbling result here by the end of this article you should be able to suggest why the stumblers in verse 34 do better.

Matthew 24 v 5,11 & 24, the reiteration here suggests the Daniel condition was still future in Jesus’ days.

Faith is a word of multiple uses; a religion; a trust in a particular statement/person. The Faith in the Christian Bible is more complex.

Faith can be given to a person; Romans 12 v 3.

It is connected with how close we choose to be with God; Hebrews 3 v 12.

When we read Scripture does the Spirit interact with you and the verse?; Hebrews 4 v 12,13.

So it may start off as a simple belief in God but Faith seems to be a sort of feedback from the Spirit of God and our belief deepens and on our journey of life we along with our faith achieve things. Hebrews 11 v 1,2.

However just read on in 11 v 6 the first approach is belief and note the rest of the chapter; the faith of these believers is being finished by the hand of God.  Did the walls fall down v30 just because they believed these would, or because their putting trust in God caused Him to push the walls down for His servants?

So Hebrews 11 v 6 tells us why Evolution is so dangerous; it renders prayer ineffective and no great acts of the faith interactive process will occur.

More to ponder on;

Appreciate Creation and pass this on to your Children, not as a thing of rote as that will fail.  See and show the Earth & Nature to be something to be technically and artistically admired.

Learn to Love the principles Yahweh teaches to Create a morally upright universe,

For those returning: Realize that as Scripture ceases to be active in these persons the words become just words, reasoning must be simple to regain your brother/sister -feed milk.

Hebrews 5 v 12, Matthew 6 v 8, Hebrews 1 v 9,3 v 12,3 v 19,

3.18 Evolution, the great Danger - why?