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Acts 17 v 11

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3.19 Love a quality of immortality?

3.19 ADDENDUM Dec 2014

Love is Immortal? Evolution questions.

In the populace Love is often the highest of Mankind’s qualities, and fortunately its complete absence is rare.  Readers will have their own experience of Love, within themselves and those they meet.


We’ve heard the maxim “Survival of the fittest”, ok so why does the Man kind Love a dead one? And for so long after his/her death?

Our sense of Love does not see death, nor does the spirit of Man within.

It makes sense in the Judeo-Christian thinking, Man being made without death as an inevitable end and even with the sin-death introduction with a resurrection hope.  Love does not have limitations.

Job 14 v 14,15 : Luke 20 v 37,38 : 1 Corinthians 13 v all 13 : 1 John 4 v 8

So how can Love as we experience evolve, within the death cult of Evolution?

Not scientific, but if your heart functions consider the following;

-The Creator must himself know Love; how could you create it if you didn’t know it?

-It would be sick/cruel to create a creature with the quality of Love with death as a certainty.

-Therefore “Love” bears witness that a “resurrection” must one day happen.

-Love is of Divine origin.