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Acts 17 v 11

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3.20 Conclusion.

With believers not all agreeing the “how” let us consider the “root” issue where all believers will agree. If Earth is created then it is a product and as such has a value to its producer.

Just some things to consider;

Then recognition of a creator is only an acceptance of reality. What obligations may be set are only rent or payment and are due. After so much work it is unlikely that the creator would lose interest. If we have a single creator then everything else is a created person/thing. It is within the remit of the creator, to demand, ask payment or give as he so pleases. Once establishing that a particular god is the creator then all commands/restrictions/freedoms issue under his rights to control what is his. If he gives say thanks if he demands pay happily. It seems logical that we are created to be comfortable within the restrictions and also able enough to utilise freedoms granted.

So what; if we now can peek into the creator's notebooks or some miracles become documented science? One way or another was that not bound to happen anyway? Has it become any less amazing than our ancestors saw? What we now know of the creation in Nature, the works of a creator, stands as monument to him and a credit to his ability. So it's not a miracle in the same way but the statistics astound us more, gratitude remains exactly the same, magnificence of the artwork is grander. The gift is now seen as greater than Abraham could count.

[additional: Micah 6 v 8 Nice guy!]

-For believers it is a great comfort in this life, to have vested your hopes, faith and trust in a person of such consummate abilities as the Creator.

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3.20 Conclusion.