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Acts 17 v 11

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Reasoning, about types a caution.

Reasoning, about types a caution.;

Caution must always be used when learning in any form, we Humans tend to easily accept new information which agrees with what we expect and reject that which does not.

Acknowledge and make efforts to remove the effect of this [lazy though often correct] bias.

In particular respect to this Website presentation; the idea of Theme and Anti-theme:

Theme the theme of Scripture is generally considered as The Kingdom of God.  This is a long held idea so no news there.

It makes sense to realise there is an anti-theme ; which is about the rebellion and the pagan system -clever stuff in comments from God.

That Scripture can always be relied on as the true word of God, does not hold if we have misunderstood, misapplied or otherwise used Scripture improperly -read that again slower!

Beware of points not based on Scripture,  because nobody seems to have checked “where’s the verse supporting that?” [There were many of these blocking the way to solve the 666.] Fancy, handed down ideas presented is if inspired but were only the concepts of men.  

A few maybe are good ideas granted but good with a small ‘g’.  If there is not a Scripture its no go.  In the years taken Yahweh will have gotten around to giving all the orders, if its not in Scripture are you telling the Almighty he’s forgotten something.

Tough, bin it!

If its a good idea, then present as it is, good advice from men.

The line is dangerous one to cross: Deuteronomy 4 v 2 Revelation 22 v  18,19

Is it not a saying of men: ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions'.

Beware where scientific evidence or reasoning supports your view of Scripture.  Once dealing in scientific reasoning that evidence is subject to all the argument of review and changes which follow the changing viewpoints of science -read that again slower!

As the “Time of the End” nears & is entered understanding of some prophecy points WILL change from what we thought to what we now understand, bringing greater clarity.

That said many things will never change as Yahweh does not change, but we learn.  Get the balance of this!

So don’t be ‘a stick in the mud’ nor be moved by every opinion, expect increasing clarity but always check it out.

Also in these later times, what we thought was literal may be seen as symbolic and vice versa, we if we know enough(?) We may go through this a few times.

I tend to think and in this case its just an opinion, that all Scripture will be understood before the the system ends.

That said said I do not know if that will be a general understanding or collectively if His servants are added together or those with enough basic study will have it click together in the few hours before [in our time view].

Hope this helps.