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Acts 17 v 11

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3.4 Self

Seriously before you continue;

1/ Does your mind perform like an evolving animal or as one that could enter into debate with God? This is a considerable qualitative difference. We live inside/are (as individuals within a collective) the greatest of the marvels of the Nature we see in our experience so far. So as the debate continues keep an 'eye' on your mental functions, as an indication of multiple mental facilities within the luxurious presence of being, the grey goo generates.

2/ Does a self motive decide the matter either way before you start? The future rewards of the believer or freedom in life for the atheist, can predispose your judgement.

3/ Have you strongly committed yourself to one side already? [pride/humility issue]

4/ Is there strong social pressure in favour of one side in your group? [fear of being the odd one out]

5/  Do you acknowledge or even claim ownership of; a Patent, Copyright or other claim to/on origin works?  If so you acknowledge the uniqueness of the creative process, judge fairly on this.  If Nature evolved then equally every lesser work of Art, Literature, Science, Engineering & etc, etc, could also be just an accident.

6/ .......,  THE ATHEIST

To come into being with a self presence such as this is, only to know it will end.

To love in such intensity, but know they shall forever die.

To have seen beauty, and thought no artist.

To weigh the case, and think it merely an ape's instinct.

To laugh but all shall end in silent sorrow.

To have sensed morality, yet said no just deity.

To build knowing it will fall, before or after we.

To exert all effort, and in time it will be nothing.

To experience exquisitely divine pleasure yet say there is no considerate creator.

To realise all we discover, our own mind will cease to know.

To scientifically prove there is no hope.

To have witnessed perfection of nature, and thought no artisan.

To have evolved to this excellence only to fail.

To know the most pointless over the top, ascent of nature?

To gain as your goal, that liberty of free fall in lightless abyssal oblivion.

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3.4 SELF, the