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3.5 'Balance of Nature'?

If Nature evolved why does there appear to be a 'balance of Nature'? Balance implies a changeable system that stays within parameters, a delicacy which can be messed up if disrupted. If the predator evolves will it exterminate its prey, if the prey evolves might it exhaust its food resource? The more complex or delicate the balance then the less likely a chance cause.

For an evolving system normality is one of flux, a robustness from whatever determination drives it. Human civilisation/history is an evolving system. Many things are seen to evolve/develop on top of what it once was, surprising how much effort, resources, blood, sweat & tears are required. (NB when I refer to 'Nature', I follow the convention of a capital letter because it is the name of a (collective) living thing).

As an overall view of Nature which obviously will differ due to individual experience, how would you consider the quality of the systems as you experience them? Say there is some system in place, it will be one of several possibilities (OK, sometimes one but other times thousands) lets assume ten possible systems; all will be functional and one will be the best, probably the best would seldom be chosen by a creator because the choice would be an 'all things considered selection', so wise to reject the mach 2 cheetah perhaps? So we might look for considered solutions in the top four or five, whereas a random selection would be just that; any of the available working solutions on a first installed usually becomes permanent basis.

i] When solutions/systems seem to be ideal/integrated with the 'big picture', 'just so' or best option/choice solutions, this could indicate a creative mind thoughtfully and deliberately choosing to build to the best standard. The very best solutions are most often not cost effective in commercial practice, for the customer cost benefit is small whilst Research & Design and production costs are high for the producer. We have all heard of quality leaders going bust. Do we need to be able to see pinpoint stars to pick bananas? Or are such excellencies in biological performance, considerate kindnesses?

ii] When less good but sufficient for the purpose solutions are met juxtaposed with occasional spectacular successes, a random condition could be indicated, since first functional solution (of perhaps many between & including best and functional basic) would often win the first installed place.

On less good solutions working as first installed; think of those times a breakdown occurs when there is little time to fix it, somebody does a quick fix meaning to do it properly later and it lasts years -second rate solutions can work for years.

So the type of quality in Nature may be an indicator of creation or chance formation.

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3.5 Balance of Nature