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Acts 17 v 11

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3.6 Recycle

There seems to be an almost total re-cycle in Nature, a bane of archaeologists. While this is a simple must for a forward thinking (pride in craft?) Creator, it is ' to say the least' fairy tale fortunate for an evolved system?

The errors made by man in developing technologies; pest/weed control, lead paint, carbon emission, acid rain, CFC, waste disposal, were not all caused by greed. Discovery much later of the hazard, demonstrates how many problems are revealed after apparent successful service, in a path of only a few hundred years. If we apply survival of the fittest to these products they would pass, because the damaging waste/effect did not directly affect the product as used. The mach 2 cheetah has now eaten all the antelope aagh...

To say the least, very fortunate for an evolved system.  Evolution proposes chance has done better than thought!

Recycle does have exceptions;

Nature tends to lock carbon, ok because man uses it.

Nature tends to move organics uphill, which compensates the downward erosion etc.

Nature tends to cool the Planet.

Because of the total recycle, there are efficient immune systems in Mankind and animals because the agents of decay have to be everywhere.

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3.6 Recycle