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Acts 17 v 11

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3.8 Linkage device-to-device

Independent linkage device-to-device for a time critical interchange where both devices may be complex &/or sensitive.  Ever bought a second product which will not fit!?, so you have the two similar products which each work, but not together.  

Nature must fit together.


Production of scent, ability to smell & discriminate such. Umbilical connections in animals. Sex, almost all life forms. Migration. Symbiosis. Different parts of a life form, all growing in time with one another. Reactions are often concerts of many functions working smoothly together in time. fight or flight.

Now its hard enough to do this by design and is often the cause of failure with each part fully functional but not linked correctly, but by chance? Maybe the chances of some mutations may be as low as a million-to-one, so what happens if the mutations have to be in tandem?

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3.8 Linkage device-to-device