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Acts 17 v 11

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3.9 No Watchmaker

So if there is no watchmaker and I doubt there is any lifeform as simple as a watch. Perchance all the parts could accidentally form and be near each other? But it is not that simple, fitting the parts together is a task equal to forming the parts. Imagine several parts by chance placed together so a screw by chance fits them, very often there is an order of assembly. These are tasks people with written instructions can easily get wrong.

But what about the spring? Mechanisms and life use power/energy, the watch spring must accidentally fit coiled. (wound, empowered, energy/force is against the union/placement, think of the chemicals that push apart/refuse to mix, the proverbial oil & water are both used in life) Chance assembly of parts is one thing because perhaps we have all seen a chance fitting in simple form happen, but loading energy?  And the next wind up, refuel? Life could form by all the bits being in place and horrendous though the odds are against that, it must be fuelled and refuelled in some way, or its dead -nothing.

NB, jig assembly compare RNA & amino acids, spring compare sugar & ATP, chance assembly compare Newton's laws of motion especially; every action has an = & opposite reaction, which has resulted in many a mechanic's bruises provoking utterances not suited to this publication.

[additional: "Natural Selection" should not be seen as though a specific evolutional doctrine opposed to creation believer's ideas. Darwin had looked at pigeon breeding in which the men breeding pigeons selected forms and breed from those birds, mankind has bred animals in this fashion for thousands of years. That this occurs in the wild should come as no surprise, however cleanness of breeding lines is poor for selection so the process falls short of deliberate programs run by man. The process does not add to the genetic content just deletion of forms or some re-arranging. Evolution as a no creator explanation requires two processes, mutation constructively developing new forms and secondly natural selection causing intelligent removal of unwanted mutation. Mutations do occur in the wild some spotted and cultivated by man, double flowers and variegation (sometimes?) being of mutant origin. These are perpetuated in cultivation because if left in the wild, natural selection would remove them. I don't know how many of these mutations are assumed because of no other apparent cause, how many are actually genetic would be costly to ascertain correctly. 'Natural Selection' = 'Quality Control' perhaps?]

[additional: To again apply manufacturing reasoning to a creation, “you can have any colour so long as its black” didn't last long. Nowadays a car manufacturer can from a basic design produce, family, deluxe, estate, pick up, off road, sports cars and in many colours. So is it reasonable to think a creator would stick to one version? It is our view that has changed. Breeding programmes or natural selection could then be seen as adjusting a kind's controls. A life form could then in response to the local environment produce a local variation of the life form, just as a sports car and saloon have the same badge.]

[additional: Specie does not equal kind. A specie is a form which sustains in the wild, some are so similar experts get them mixed up. Family in classification does not equal family in human terms, the Family in classification is of similarities across a broader range of forms, experts move forms in and out of families/genus/specie. This is a confusing and detail rearranging branch of science where a novice may easily look the fool, experts fair just two percent better. Unless its in your field or are willing to put the time in avoid this debate, note you have been warned.]

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3.9 No Watchmaker