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Acts 17 v 11

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Genesis 1 v 28,29,30,31

The Sixth Day, part 4, Mankind Commissioned, God's task completed.

Blessed Them

1 v 28 God now blesses the male and female Man[kind]. We are not told if this is before or after the couple become man and wife or after both have individually reached maturity? The first creation account is following God as central character and he now commissions them. This is the: Handing over Ceremony to Mankind, both men are there; the first Man, for all men, the first Woman for all women. The commission to fill Earth and have the dominion over [what we now call] Nature, is therefore jointly and equally held whether single or married.

[NB, v 26 was not said in Man's hearing, there God was specifying the creation, here commissioning]

It is only recently, well after all the Scriptures were completed, that; Mankind has filled the Earth and holds dominance over all living things. Pity this power is often used unwisely, but the commission is possible, just as God said.

If we additionally consider Genesis 2 v 15b for the purpose of the commission, rather than the power and authorisation of the commission.  We realise there are limits.  Compare 2 v 15 with Revelation 11 v 18; the use of the authority over the Earth and Sea will be audited by Yahweh.

The Neoteny

The amount of time passed? I suspect the Man [as first created] matured to adult form somewhere around forty to eighty years of age [or more?], the Woman younger by ten or twenty years. Reasoning: skull bones finally fuse and wisdom teeth erupt in late middle years [these teeth can be very late in life], balding and lightening of hair also may be signs of maturity rather than senescence [Revelation 1 v 14 also look at primates]. There is also a Scripture that maybe alludes to the design age of 100 years for maturity in Mankind; Isaiah 65 v 20.  

So, I strongly suspect the present human condition is an inbred neotenous variant, excommunicated from God, being originally created for life time scales in communion with his Creator, without death, it required modification for shorter life times.

The period to sexual maturity was shortened to less than other maturation factors, white hair, wisdom teeth, final [skull] bone set and even the taste for milk is often retained.

So here is a question for anybody more into human biology than yours truly;

Are the early human and maybe some pre-human skeletal remains, showing a neoteny rather than an ascent of man???????????, Anyone?

Is one of them Daddy after all?

Maybe cousin(s)?

We can possibly think of the tempted Woman as of Eighty years or so old & un-wrinkled, later giving fruit to her of around a Hundred year old; very fit white haired husband.  [Maybe adjust you prejudices on age as well?]

The Bible and Life Expectancy [after Eden till restoration of all things];

Re-set life expectancy 120, Genesis 6 v 3, though the “three score and ten” is the more practical. Often considered as coined by Moses [at Psalm 90 v 10] though he lived to the longer term [Deuteronomy 31 v 2], and few still do.

This is not a mater of doctrine merely applying present day science, but it does seem to make sense of a few things:

1/... The late and shortening parenthood times of Adam's sons.

2/... The human body is an animal form and will show signs of wear by 40/50 years of age, was the Creator planning maintenance of the human frame say every so many decades? [6 v 3 again?]

3/... Would explain why Man and Woman each could mature as a person for a time, disinterested in each others sexuality. Time would be required to learn and they had a lot to learn. Both were individually capable of tasks in Eden and were apart at the temptation.

4/... Man and Woman were of an age to be responsible for their sin.

5/... Why God let things happen, instead of stopping matters.

6/... Baby being born when its growth must be in less time and mother not herself of the original design age, may be the reason for the increased childbirth pangs. If we take such a view, then the increased pangs have been [were] made necessary by the situation. God making the changes to allow Humans to manage in a shorter life span. If so, it was not a vindictive punishment but considerate necessity.

If you agree and I leave this to you, then the pangs may be better than the alternatives. Perhaps we should rank it with the provision of better garments?

[Careful note of context is required here;

1. Present view of adult about 20 years old.

2. Genesis suggests up to 100 years to maturity, then shortened.

3. Upper age for present up to 120 years life.

4. Average reasonable expectation 70/80.]

In perfection it may be 100 or over, looks less than half that, with a vigour a third of it! -[>100,<50,<33]

In the second account the blessing is omitted, showing the different viewpoints of the two creation accounts [pre and post sin]..

A Vegetarian Diet

1 v 29 Mankind is given all green vegetation as food or a vegetarian diet, for which the human teeth are well suited. Although meat eating is nutritious Man is not given permission to eat meat. From what is known of toxin build up in the food chains and difficulties in eating raw meat for humans, there are risks. It may simply be that for a long lived human avoiding the risk of toxic build up, was sensible.

So without present day knowledge it is interesting the Scriptures remind us of this ideal.

1 v 30 The same is now said for animals to eat vegetation, which usually they do [or did?] It is a main plan in Nature; plants produce and animals eat.

[ ... insert ..

Literal 24 hour Day Creation.

This is where I find the second and greatest problem for a literal 24 hour day. On the previous days I have no problem with a creative God doing things much faster than normal, in a modern factory we often do not wait for paint to dry and most years something is made faster than before. It is; what the Man goes through on the Sixth day; Man created, Eden planted, moves [east?], settled in Eden, cultivation, names animals, feels lonesome, surgery, meets and marries Woman and finally commissioned. Although if you have read Zero verse Zero on this site, 24 hour day creation is still much more feasible than any Evolution version!

And in a way because 24 hour day believers have been so diligent, tremendous work has gone into proving a young Earth.  I congratulate and thank them for the task as the results benefit us all, whatever our Creation world view is, this group of believers have put their money where their mouth is.  Compared to just a million many who believe in a Creation use a smaller timescale (hundreds or thousands). ]

But if it was a 24hr day then for Man & Woman it would have been a very rushed day.  If we presume the days of the Creation week are all equal in length, then the Sabbath we can estimate as God’s Sabbath appears ongoing, certainly running in Biblical times.  Carefully read: Hebrews 3 v 1 to 4 v 11.

Good, Very Good.

1 v 31 It seems God announces the day plan and inspects at the end of day.

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