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Acts 17 v 11

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Genesis 2 v 1,2,3

The Seventh Day, Blessed Rest

Perhaps it will make more sense to see the first three verses of chapter 2, as the last three verses of chapter 1. The verse pattern was laid out in the middle ages and are not part of original scripture. These are very useful to reference and find verses [what they are for], but are not natural breaks in the text -sometimes.

[You can find more information in a good encyclopaedia or; enter;



chapter verse origin bible

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The things to remember:

-You can locate any verse in scripture by book, chapter and verse numbers.

-If you are having difficulty understanding a passage, try again, this time make sure you ignore chapter and verse breaks it sometimes helps.

-It is why prophets and apostles only refer to the book, there weren't any chapters and verses only in the poetic! ]

2 v 1,2a Two things are happening here:

a/... The material universe is now complete as a creation, job done.

b/... God as artisan also has completed his work, this is not the end from God's point of view.

2 v 2b,3 God now rests, we are now following the central character. I recommend looking at this passage without religious ideas, there is no religion yet as there is no sin. God is setting an example by his actions, it is good to rest after a job well done.

Justify Sabbath

A Sabbath has no justification in itself, it is [=has been] justified by the six days work of good intention preceding it. The seventh day in ancient Israel was regulatory and many societies today also adopt the pattern. You could of course follow the principle even if a seven pattern cannot be followed in your case. First justify your seventh rest by good work, this could be a great work involving many persons or a poor single parent who works every day just getting the child through another week, or even a lifetime work. Set aside some time, even if it can only be a pause. Reflect on the case, that it is God's example you follow after his creative work, after this, take some joy and/or satisfaction from your own work. To be able to do this of course, you must justify your Sabbaths by previous good works!

Seventh Day of Rest made Sacred

Obviously if God makes a day special for himself, it would be termed sacred. Do not get too hung up on the term sacred here, this is God; Designer and Artisan in a state of deserved satisfaction and reflection. God is practising a Sabbath. Time now to feel good within oneself over success in completing the task. Anyone who has worked hard at a worthy task and after efforts brought it to successful completion, knows what is meant here by smaller but parallel sensation(s). It is good to have undertaken a worthy task and completed it, the rest is well deserved and shown as proper to enjoy, by God's example.

[consider Mark 2 v 27]

Praise Factor:

-Credit, applause, [Angels and Mankind]

-Thanks, beneficiary, [Mankind]

Example Factor:

-It is good to rest after a job well done, God shows us, celebrate with him.[Angels and Mankind]

Praise and Thanks Factors itemised.

You did good.

I like this bit.

Earns our respect from our thinking assessment of His work.

Awareness and learning of quality[s] in the Creator as represented by His work.

Trust in the Creator because of the creation already done.

Thanks for things we enjoy as these benefit or please us.

Behave with good manners to God, please and thank you in the courtesy of your culture.

Conclusion; Seventh Day

Mankind was not designed to sin, so this article has been written trying to show the Sabbath as an uncomplicated life example to benefit the human race. The gift was given still pure.


Biomass still increasing.

Land mass still moving.

Plant conquest ongoing.

Animal conquest ongoing.

Earth is now running as natural machine, the making or set-up phase is done but it is still all new.

Remember these comments made earlier?

1/: The full facts would be too much for Mankind to grasp, whatever and however God tells the story, will be a monumental oversimplification.

2/: The account must serve in all Mankind's states of knowledge throughout all the generations.

3/: God knows the actual power of mind He built into us.

So how do you judge? Besides the extrapolations made by believers, note what the account tells both Cave dweller and Scientist:

1. Earth at first was dark and water covered.

2. Land at first as a single landmass or continent.

3. Plants precede animals by a long time.

4. Sun and Moon function as clocks, besides giving light. [circadian rhythm]

5. Man is able to dominate Nature.

6. Power to reproduce inbuilt into each lifeform.

7. There is something godlike about Man.

And it can all be written on one piece of paper.

And, He said it was very good, anybody dispute that?

Link Genesis chapter 1 with Revelation 4 v 11.

End of First Creation Account.

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