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Acts 17 v 11

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Summary: First Creation Account.

Genesis 1 v 1 to 2 v 3

This is the story of God's work as Earth's Artisan. A record told as God (unnamed in this account.) deserves it recounted, unsullied by rebellion. It may be the story as God explained it in Eden* to the new twin-fold creations; man and woman and/or it may have been [re]told this way to Moses. Moses is recorded as the first human commanded to write Scripture down and today we always think in terms of records. The human mind though is quite capable of memorising volumes of text, I would suggest that by the time of Moses, it was also time to start writing or soon would be.

(Compare actors memory of lines esp. Shakespearian / Muslims memorising the whole Koran / Welsh slate miners Bible memories.)

So let us note the difference; this first account is a story where God is the central character and it is about the work God does to make the place called Earth. The layout is craftsman like, I started with rubbish, did this good and that good etc, the whole job is now very good and I will celebrate and have a well deserved rest. By this act of creation the Earth and Heavens made before are therefore all owned by God as his work.

-*The story is told as if to an Earthling on the Planet's surface, it may be the neo-planet, neo moon, even the sun were moved in from other places? I will leave that to my readers.

The second account is about the beginning of sin. This happens so close to the completion of creation that in explaining the setting it also appears as if a creation account. God is still one of the central characters but no longer as the initiator of all the action. For The Serpent read Satan or Lucifer who could also be described as: an envious member of the Creator's staff, as the initiator of action. Quickly followed by the Man [Adam] who joined in by failing to stand his ground. Like many a crafts person since a good job is spoilt by company intrigues and customer failure to use as directed.

As the first account does not consider sin, we may view it simply as is. The account may be taken as the information on how WE got here. Before deciding how literally to take it, let us consider it from God's point of view:

1/: The full facts would be too much for Mankind to grasp, whatever and however God tells the story, will be a monumental oversimplification.

2/: The account must serve in all Mankind's states of knowledge throughout all the generations.

3/: God knows the actual power of mind He built into us.

So if we do not use it, whose fault is that?

Believers should update explanations which involve Science, with updated Science. Our well meaning explanations no matter how honourable the person, are not Scripture, beware. There seems to be a problem here among many believers of holding fast to the out dated. Always compare the Scripture which will not change, with updated science which does. Eventually they will seem converge.

Points of Note:

-It establishes God's title of ownership.

-This first account does not contain issues of sin.

-Thus there is no challenge here: God can only be God, no other has made a claim.

-Mankind cannot have a God until they actually exist.

-Suggest care when using Scripture written with sin as a consideration, that we note the two accounts are different in aspect.

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