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Acts 17 v 11

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Genesis 1 v 2,3,4,5

The First Day

Earth is a product of the previous creation of  “Heavens and earth”. If we convert the terms to a modern parlance perhaps it should be: verse one, creation of earth within heavens [materials] production & then rest of chapter, the terra-forming of Earth. The "to be" Earth may have been selected as suitable raw material and then "tuned and balanced" to the precision now observed.

God who at this time does not require further identification, is located within Earth's environs above the already existing waters which are plentiful, although described as "waste" God is in position to start work, therefore it is from here we start "God's day 1".

In verse three and four work begins and several things happen which can confuse:

-When he says "let there be light", does he create the Sun? Very difficult question if we understand the Sun is older than Earth and believe God resides in Heaven. But then we have let the deference in practising a faith distract us from paying attention. Where did God say he was? Simple really, the place where God was working was dark, the account is from the workplace -an Earth surface perspective. A review of the other planets suggest a nice clean atmosphere is an unlikely starting point, so darkness probably fog, cloud, dust and fumes, [with a forge or steam engine smell maybe?].

-If the Sun is older, why does light come to "be" and soon declared "good"? Because the story simply tells the result, not the how. Light from the Sun was not "good" then, nor is it today, it would fry us in a short time. The account therefore implies that work took place on/near the Earth and NOT at the solar source, to convert the Sun's full radiance to light which is "good" at the Earth 's surface. We now know that the light we live with on Earth, was deadly only a fraction of a second ago.

The convenient rotation time of Earth and season inducing axis tilt are also implied by these verses. Look at the other planets, one points its axis at the Sun, also rotation rates do vary and circularity of a planet's orbit should not be assumed.

-The first indication of the "days of creation" not necessarily being our day of twenty four hours is here. The 24 hour Earth day appears created within the active period only of God's creative day.

Most important to note in considering the Science of today;

-The Planet was water covered and dark at the water surface.

-The Light became "good" by creative activity in the near vicinity of Earth.

-Division of "night" and "day" may infer some work on the axial rotation of Earth. [angle to solar source and rotational speed]

-The "light" and "dark" in these verses is the ordinary light of the material cosmos, not to be confused with: spiritual light, light of understanding, knowledge, or with  light in God's abode [which existed before our cosmos].

The evening and morning concludes the day, it is the Jewish format

Perhaps we could qualify the "God above the waters", it actually states "his SPIRIT". More than one way exists among believers to view this;

... God was present in person.

... God was present by extension.

... Another, agent or Angel was present acting under the direct influence of God's Spirit.

The locating of action above the waters should also be understood as narrative or as theatrical directive; WE the audience for the story are as in a little boat to see the creation, WE don't move, story is told to this boat's viewpoint, the land will rise beneath us. A "thing" is only created when WE the audience can see it.

Little boat: we can now see our companions and around the boat during the day[time].

Applying modern knowledge, I will be bold and suggest [at least some kinds] bacteria are created on the "first day". [In fact the air might not be breathable yet, we can only guess as to when God made the first oxygen producers but anytime after light is possible.]

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