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Acts 17 v 11

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Genesis 1 v 6,7,8

The Second Day

Earth is big enough to hold gas around itself, this is a function of gravity, but it doesn't have to be nice gas! There was plenty of water so it is quite unlikely there were no clouds, anyone who's experienced heavy rain can appreciate the clouds are made of water, and therefore are water.

When things are uncontrolled there is a common tendency for a process to swing into an extreme or between two extremes. The then future plans required water delivery planet wide suitable for plant life. Rain is wanted, but not too destructive and with reasonable punctuality.

There is a problem with this, an apparent contradiction in that; Genesis 2 v 6 in the second creation account states it did not rain. If there is a contradiction in evidence and both must be true, then; one or both are being viewed incorrectly by us.

Why has this writer been so bold as to even suggest the second day for the start of rain?

1/... Because the second day must be the creative action for: Job 38 v 36[-in the creative days or not?], v 37 & v 38[-cloud seeding!] Ecclesiastes 1 v 7 [-mechanism], this gives reason to name the second day for the establishment of these Earth functions during creation. Simply put, the “Weather” [or: intercontinental watering] starts on the second day.

2/... Relocation of heat, once light gets to the water surface evaporation will happen. The complex weather system not only relocates water but also the tropical heat. Useable Earth surface is multiplied by the weather system from wetting a posy in the middle of a continent to flushing warmth to the Polar regions.

3/... It does not rain everywhere even today.

[.. So,

Genesis 2 is about Man and Eden, this narrows the subject area, whereas the above is Earth-wide.

[first] ... In the locale of Eden was it possible to have no rain? In the second account the river Euphrates is named to flow from Eden. Are there areas here which see no rain? Yes.

[second] ... When plants were created God made a plant, not a field of them. It would take time for each plant kind’s spread to conquer the land. Perhaps plants had not reached this area and so it was deliberately planted by God.

It must have rained upstream on higher ground to supply the streams, but these flowed into Eden where it did not rain but ground water was sufficient to moisturise the air at night. ..]

There is no life as yet so consider;

-Weather starts to function.

-The heat take up of the water system and relocation of heat.

-Cleansing of early atmosphere as rain brings down dust.

-A mechanism of erosion now exists for next day.

The “Expanse” between the waters [liquid and cloud] is the second heaven [compare v 20], we now call the Atmosphere [the cloud or bird heaven]. Seems one of the simpler days as read but we now know this apparent clear space is complex, even mysterious ...... ask a weather forecaster.

“Heaven” has now been used for two components of creation we see above us; first the starry cosmos and second the cloud or air heaven. Seems logical then; that to explain his abode to us, God would later call it Heaven to explain it to us. Though God's heaven is third in order of mention, it is far older in time.

All three “heavens” have a commonality in:

-being above humanity,

-being environments with things within.

Little boat: we can now see a clear horizon and clear air between us and a continuous high cloud vault above, now and then we get wet.

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