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Acts 17 v 11

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The Creation [“first”]

Contents list; Genesis 1, The First Creation Account.

[second is the Eden story]

A dozen articles on the seven days of creation. Logic in Genesis chapter one with some consideration of modern science. There are still good reasons to believe because of Genesis chapter one!

Just open your Bible at the front and click on the line that interests you.

A Summary, 1 v 1 to 2 v 3 general comments

1 v 1,2a The Beginning, time concept

1 v 2,3,4,5 First Day, sorting views on light

1 v 6,7,8 Second Day, heavens how many? Rain now?

1 v 9,10,11,12,13 Third Day, was this Pangaea? Clues to the Flood. Plant life.

1 v 14,15,16,17,18,19 Fourth Day, now the Clock is set

1 v 20,21,22,23 Fifth Day, life in sea

1 v 24,25 Sixth Day, part 1, Livestock and wild

1 v 26 Sixth Day, part 2, Image, Diminutive; the high Quality built into the Man kinds.

1 v 27 Sixth Day, part 3, Image male and female [Woman and Jealousy]

1 v 28,29,30,31 Sixth Day, part 4, Mankind Commissioned, God's tasks completed. [Human neoteny now?]

2 v 1,2,3 Seventh Day, Blessed Rest, not just a day off.