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Acts 17 v 11

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Revelation 13

I think you will find this Yahweh-Immanuel.info suggestion one of the first explanations which can be tested against the internal criteria of the chapter and Scripture and makes some sense of the Pagan World in opposition.  First we will consider verse 18 and then the arrangement of the whole chapter.  New visitors landing on this page, detail is here.

Before the overall chapter view:

Verse 18 the considerations;

1. Two ‘mental power words’ are used at the outset of the verse; first wisdom and second reason or intelligence.  Note the first is the mental power of the proposing party namely God, this word is often rendered sage like above the second, some thinker on Scripture, just a man though obviously a believer.  We should note the first mental power already knows the answer and is setting the puzzle for the subordinate second mental power.  By implication thence all believers will have to also think to follow the answer.

2. The second lesser or student mental power is also often translated as a singular, ‘one’.

3. The word calculate or count tells us some form of math is required, simple or otherwise.  As Isaac Newton the great mathematician tried with his abilities on this, we may conclude the answer is not in advanced mathematics. [sigh of relief.]

4. The Beast’s number is also a Man’s number, we should note this equating/relationship of Beast & Man and be able to explain it.

5. The number is given as three quantities 600, 60, & 6.  The case that this reads as three successive 6s is only visible in the decimal system and should be disregarded as coincidental.  The Eden Solution would show this as six raised by ten twice.

In the case of the Eden Solution presented here;

I have studied Scripture and History and Religious Cultures I felt there must be some order, the writer’s proposal of the Eden Solution is based on thinking and took some years.

Although I have learnt much from others, I have worked alone and have set up the web site alone [in the Human sense anyway]. Just the way it happened, so it was followed as something I was curious about.

The Eden Solution explains where the component numbers come from for the calculation or count up to the sum 666.

The Eden Solution explains the use of the word Beast.

The Eden Solution explains the components of the six, the relationship of ten and one; it is a count or calculation to get the 666 value.  It is not an assertion of meaning, we are given the answer ‘666’ we must find the workings [or the formulae] calculate it.

All solutions to the 666 should be tested in similar manner, plus one more question for any 666 solution;

666 What is the benefit of knowing the answer, or; what does 666 mean?

If one were to seek across the Earth for a box, then some more for the key, what do you want?  The travel, the box, a key, or what is inside?

Once you have the contents of that box you move on, box and key sought for so long now discarded.

The Eden Solution for 666, produces a number system useful in Scripture, gives an understanding of THE Apostasy.

Remember God has had us puzzling over this for centuries, it must be worth the wait or perhaps be time sensitive information or even both.

The Wider or Broad Pattern of Revelation 13,

Revelation 13 is Triad structured v;1&2 v;11&12 v;15;


Revelation 12 v 17 to 13 v 1

for Dragon read Serpent, Devil, Satan 12 v 9.


Revelation 13 v 1 to 10

First Beast read Adam, Osiris v 3, Authorised Earth power, thence Kings etc..

The symbolism is an amalgam of the political Beasts of Daniel, I suggest therefore this is all kingdoms in all time.

Note revived head.


Revelation 13 11 v 14

Second Beast read Eve, Mother Goddess, Babylon the Great or religious element;


Revelation 13 15 to 18

Image of First Beast prepared by second Beast, Adam as Son of Eve.  Religious endorsement of King or Caesar as a god, ‘pinch of incense’, ‘divine right of kings’.

The religious endorsement of the King/Caesar etc. as a junior [Horus] of the gods.


Versions of ancient pagan ceremony, where things which are the work of man’s hands are given undue honour.  I say here undue honour because some honour is due to those who rule a country.  

We should note that our nations, our cultures, and our countries, are NOT God, excellent though we may find these things to be [at times].  Paul puts it plainly Romans 13 v 1-7, perhaps the Christians could have made life a little easier if they had been better known to follow this instruction from the Spirit.  The question always is: Is it God’s or is it Caesar’s? Once that is decided –give it.  Consider Job 31 v 26-28.

A pinch of incense to Caesar marks with 666.

The issue is idolatry.


What does 666 mean as a mark?

What does 666 mean as a mark?

Having the ‘mark’ - in some way or other worshiping/honouring the Adamic Triad.

The hyperbole buy/sell can be taken as a description of the 666/name’s pervasiveness in the ‘World’.  In Roman times commerce was common, but probably just possible for rural persons in self sufficient villages to avoid the buying or selling, its going to be close.  Perhaps we would call this now, ‘social mobility’ seeing as in cities today every commodity is sold.  A believer will feel out of step, just like a person trying to live without coinage of any sort.

Christmas is known for its pagan origins and commercialisation, why not try Christmas where

Some Christians refuse Christmas simply because of its pagan origin. Remember the mark gets easily onto almost everybody and is strongly connected to trade.  A Christmas 666 mark would be difficult to avoid, but any pagan custom should be viewed with some concern as the worship of a foreign god.

Looks like Christmas, Easter and other pagan implants could be spiritually death dealing, are you going to do anything about it?

Are the doctrines you worship god with clearly directed at the God of Abraham or some other gods?

Christians are told there is an Apostasy at work and therefore one should be careful in general.

Most of us are Gentiles with pagan origins in our respective ethnic heritages,  we should be very wary.

We have been warned about all this.  Ethnic custom is one thing, it is worship of the pagan that is wrong.

The time of the Apostasy/Lawless one, not being “seen” is ending.

Is having a mark permanent? You can of course wash Revelation 7 v 14!

We should remember the King/Caesar is worthy of Honour and title in his place;

Also: Romans 5 v 13, Acts 17 v 30, 2Thessalonians 2 v 3&4, Revelation 18 v 4 to 11.  


Revelation 13 the chapter explanation


Does the “Eden Solution” answer the question as asked in verse 18?