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Acts 17 v 11

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Section contents list for: Genesis, in Eden

These four articles: Mundane, Ordain, Profane and Explain are commentary lists covering the Eden story, read each with Bible(s) open starting at Genesis 2 v 4.  

Best studied in order presented.  May seem harder at first but “the penny will drop”.  Mundane the ordinary story, then each gets deeper until you can do the Math.  I think this will be a straightforward way, covering the story from each viewpoint in turn.

The Eden account is more involved than meets the eye. .....

The Garden of Eden story will never seem that simple again, Yahweh put the keys to Revelation in there!

Yet again the answer was under our noses.

The “Eden Solution”, the mystery is history.

The methodology of the "Eden Solution" proposed in this web site, works if you take the number given to count or calculate in; Revelation 13 v 18 as either or both of:

1] Six Hundred, Sixty & Six; as three successive numbers, 600, 60, 6.

2] Six hundred and sixty-six; as one decimal number, one less than 667.

It is a puzzle presented by Yahweh to believers -calculate the number 666.

It does not work on "six,six,six" as used by the occult, the superstitious and some casual observers. The method here is one of calculation after finding the start values from Scripture. The least number used is one and the calculation is accurate to within +or- zero.

It is released to anyone and all interested in the words of the God of Abraham in Revelation, you do not have to subscribe, join, or contribute anything as this site is independent of any group.

It may take some time to understand this, give yourself the time needed.

666 The Mystery is now history.

1. Eden Mundane

The ordinary story; details, personal, motives, etc. Yahweh laid this out in such a manner we can deduce a lot. See the details and later this helps to build number sets.

2. Eden Ordain

Yahweh sets up his way of dealing with the rebellion. Where we get God's/Yahweh's/Jehovah's number set and why.

3. Eden Profane

The Influence of Adam and Eve on the World. Where we get Satan's/Adam's/Eve's number set from Genesis scripture and why. Origin of incest Laws.

4. Eden Explain

How Genesis and Revelation explain each other. How we work out 666 and knowing how to calculate the 666, switches the lights on!

5. Review diagram, should help in placing all the bits into one picture.

6. Optional Further Studies if you wish.

WARNING: Understanding the wisdom of Scripture is not the path of salvation though it essentially guides believers, it is the doing of God's will, Matthew 7 v 21.

Count understanding this as something to strengthen your faith and build on your knowledge of God.  666 or rather the solution is a milepost we should expect to pass one day. The benefit of understanding the calculation? - It is a bunch of keys to large parts of Scripture.


The Abomination begins