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Acts 17 v 11

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Second Creation Account.

Genesis Eden Mundane.

The introduction of sin takes place a short time into the seventh day. Well it does at least prove he gave us free will! Mundane; the ordinary story; details, personal, motives, etc. .

Sixth Day, late.

2 v 5,6 Sixth day setting, details of Creator's work and then rebellion against him. [Garden watering see first Creation account]

2 v 7 Breathing sustains life. On the daily basis life is body based [mineral/organic]. Apart from being in the Image of God, man’s lifeform nature is as the animals.

2 v 8 Man not made in Eden see also 3 v 23, so may have travelled directly or via interesting places. Man therefore knew he was in a special place, Woman might not have known the outside of Eden by direct experience.  Eden is God’s garden.

2 v 9 Training facility, design specification was for the Mankind[s] to look after the whole Earth exercising dominion over all other life. In Eden they learned cultivation.

2 v 10-14 Location Seems narrative from viewpoint of post flood survivors; v 13 Cush born after flood so this land may only have been family/tribal size. Gihon braided course or a holm/large island in river. see Genesis 10 v 1,6

2 v 15 Eden becomes home, Man cultivates and learns landscape skills, some more years may pass.

2 v 16,17 The only Law:

The tree could have been poisonous and if so, more fool them for eating.

The tree could have been of personal interest to Yahweh.

Scrumping is theft.

But whatever the reason the tree was out of bounds, it does not matter; if it belongs to somebody else it is not yours.

Diminutives as Original are jealous in ownership of their personal space or things:

I am doing that.

That is mine.

But I want to do ‘my thing’, my way.

Leave that it's your dads.

Can a Universe full of persons not respecting each others space or things be a nice place?

There can be much pain/humiliation in only trivial accidental violation of space or personal operations.

Accidental incursion may require delicate resolution.

Respect for other than One's self.

So basic yet so much strife caused, for all the volumes written its just respect, no more no less.

For Yahweh’s pretty fruit tree try National Boundary.

But I must add, this tree was the only thing reserved to God in Man & Woman’s experience. Directly reserved by God in a perfect world, it was therefore the embodiment of all Holy things as there was nothing else with a ban of Yahweh set upon it.  This tree we could say; was Adam’s ‘Ark of the Covenant’ with its Law.

The Sin was Gross.

2 v 18 A fitting helper design specification to help Man. As companion women like to help and she will often be a force behind her man and their children. A woman also brings the social skills in her nature, a man often having the social graces commensurate with being the only man on the planet.

2 v 19,20 Some years may pass, the naming of the animals was a considerable task, more time and learning. Names help the mind to work. Seems just a nicety of the story at first, but, the human mind orders things by naming them -just the sort of exercise to train Earth's cultivator.  Note this is the second creation account and creating is still the activity of God, and possibly the first man saw some creation directly.

2 v 21 Anaesthetic tissue modification. Sleep remove tissue, close wound, build tissue into a modified form. The ancient verse reads as very modern?

2 v 22 Designed and made by God with Man in mind.  The Qualities in the Image of God are assigned between Man & Woman.

2 v 23 Read this as analysis after naming all the animals. Woman was obviously younger by some years. Man and Woman though of mature size may have been pre-pubescent for many years.

2 v 24 Become one flesh even if not related, the Image of God re-unites in marriage. For the most part it might be as if one flesh, though this first couple could see this as literal, she being from a rib. Adam could be considered as father to Eve as she came from his body, or as sister as both had same creator, besides wife. In the natural order of events as blessed by Yahweh, married pairs do literally become one in their children, the child taking fleshly nature from each parent. Sometimes a married couple begin to share mannerisms etc., and could be mistaken for brother and sister. For many of Christian culture everyone is brother or sister.

2 v 25 Lived naked, warm climate. Compare Genesis 1 v 27-31 where the commission is given and it seems logical to end the Sixth day at verse 2 v 25. Yahweh's creation is good and very good, so far as those matters Yahweh is responsible for. Man with his helper Woman is now installed as Earth's custodians.

Seventh Day, early[ish]  years.

3 v 1 Yahweh and Angels being invisible probably in habit of identifying themselves by something, Yahweh with a breeze, Woman might have recognised the serpent as the covering cherub -I wonder? Not as strange to Man as this seems to us. The use of this animal perhaps says something about Lucifer.

We should note here that God seems absent? What does it tell us? That he is no longer directly working, his rest has begun. With chapter three the seventh day starts and other[s?] [we understand of high rank at that time] are in a representative role.

[It is assumed that Woman is near the tree as Serpent speaks, she may have been just in visual range.]

3 v 2,3 Question answered Woman knew the law.

3 v 4 First Lie Automatic after life would make punishment by death irrelevant.

3 v 5 Second Lie The bait for Woman's desire of advancement. She assumes deceit on God's part, assumes ignorance on Man's.

[To be like God, whatever the scheme was to embarrass God in Satan's plan, we are not fully informed. However, Yahweh it seems has obliged Satan to carry out his promise to Man and Woman. In the pagan system Adam and Eve are the gods worshipped, and the initiator of the rebellion plays second fiddle. This will become clearer, and is why we need to know just a little about the pagan system.]

3 v 6a Fruit good in her eyes as it bestows knowledge/power and the threat of death is now seen as a ploy of God. Rather than seeing this woman as a victim, [which in part she was] she revealed her inner nature by her actions. 1. She did not defend God? (unlike us she had met him at least once ) 2. She did not wait for her Man first (did she view her husband as a partner? Was she a helper to him?) 3. Just where did her loyalties lie? Me me me.

3 v 6b Man eats at Woman's invite, he not deceived 1Timothy 2 v 14.

This verse in Timothy seems blame Woman for sin, but does it? [i] Is it saying Woman was guilty of more sin? [ii] If Man was not deceived who's sin is greater? [iii] Or is Paul (writer to Timothy) commenting on man's better ability to detect deceit or that something is not as is should be? [iv] Read next ten verses of Timothy for context.

3 v 7 Guilt made them sensitive about their nakedness, maybe compounded by the beginnings of sexual awareness.

Yahweh would know this had happened and realised the intended trap. Could have stopped it but if you prevent people doing evil, will it make them good? If God used his powers to stop it would people feel free or under constant guard? [for people here mankind and angelic kinds]

To put it briefly; execution would destroy the whole human race with the potential lives of all the unborn lost. A volunteer was willing to act on future Mankind's behalf at some hurt to himself: the seed of the Woman. After volunteering he does as God bids exactly. Within these directions he may ask God's help, these requests are on the behalf of humans seeking God. Mankind is dead as far as God the Deity is concerned, but He grants requests to a faithful son. When Yahweh goes to meet the three rebels, a way through has been prepared.

3 v 8,9,10 Man and Woman recognise God's presence by the sound of a breeze, this appears to be a spirit courtesy and they seem unaware of God's ability to see all. This could have been alarming or intrusive, whereas we in a sinful World know we can call on Him anywhere, anytime [and we are so glad of it].

3 v 11 You think you are naked because you disobeyed.

3 v 12 Pass the buck A man is not a man because he is a male, but because he acts like one. If when presented with his deceived wife he had stood his ground, he would have known pain, but Mankind in general would not.

3 v 13 Pass the buck. Deceived by the lie yes, but not by what the law was. Compare Matthew 18 v 6,7 If she had loved or if she had been loyal, she would still have been deceived; but she would not have sinned. She would have waited, confused maybe, distraught maybe, feeling a wreck maybe, until the Breeze or her man came.

3 v 4 Does not make great sense if read as is? First the Serpent is Lucifer; Ezekiel 28 v 12-15 & Revelation 12 v 7-12. Woman as helper as opposed to this human female & Satan [who did not help] , this woman is the faithful angel host who did help Job 38 v 7. Going on belly -perhaps dismissal from Yahweh's service / confinement near the Earth and/or restricted access in [God's] Heaven. Dust is what Mankind are made of, so Satan lives off death of Mankind. The animal snakes/serpents are one of the creatures defined good in Yahweh's seven day creation, the animal is not addressed here. Dust-dead man food, woman-helper, Seed-that which is after its Kind.

[By the same logic beast could be understood to mean thing[s] named by Man; Genesis 2 v 20, and/or under the control of Man, Genesis 1 v 28.]

Helper see Proverbs 31 v 10-31: As Yahweh is primal cause or initiator of all things, then His son, angels and humans can only do things within what God causes or initiates. If these work in harmony then they will help, so; any faithful one or group could be called a woman.

3 v 15 Between Lucifer [serpent] and the Loyal Angelic host [woman], and those after your kind [seed of serpent] and the one after the kind of the Loyal Angelic host [seed of woman]. Adam and Eve are the first seed of the serpent.

3 v 16 [3 v 16a covered] To this assertive woman it is pointed out; the practical weakness of her ambition is female craving and male power. This is said by the maker of man and woman, knowing the inbuilt abilities and limitations of both genders.

3 v 17,18 The Man failed to show strength of character, he failed to act like a man. The listening used as label for his lack of resolution. Adam is sent back to the unplanted area where he was made to die eventually. Abraham was told to listen to his wife, obvious it is not just the hearing but what is done on hearing, Genesis 21 v 12. [And if the prophets must listen to their wife; let the women be educated.] Persons of either gender who fail to hold on to what they are responsible for, allowing others to meddle -will often find thorns and thistles on their patch.

So why couldn’t Moses see God’s face Exodus 33 v 20? Why did Uzzah have to die 2 Samuel 6 v 7? Because the death rule of Eden still ruled in full force all the offspring of the first pair, until the Christ. Colossians 2 v 13-15. We are still excluded from God as far as our own merits go.  The word of God is always fulfilled. Use Jesus’ name -your ‘pass’!

3 v 19 Understand this from Adam's point of view: he was living in a botanical and zoological garden designed and planted by God, now in shame to be sent out to rough ground from fruitarian to vegetarian diet. Sacked for disobedience to Garden Designer after best part of a century in job.

3 v 20 Adam understood they would be allowed children.

3 v 21 Yahweh provides garments, maybe because Adam and Eve's were a bit ineffectual, perhaps Eden was being kept warmer than outside, maybe warm interglacial due to end.

3 v 22 One or Two Trees?

At first reading just prevention of them reaching a Tree of Life, but I would suggest we note it is Lucifer’s lie which implied this, that the Tree in the middle of the Garden gave life eternal.  I suggest its the same “one Tree” viewed differently, though not a salvation issue if you prefer to think of two trees -fine.  And the knowledge of good and evil which Man and Woman gained, Yahweh did not possess, that is in the experienced/knowing [by the doing] of evil. So; It makes sense to understand sarcasm is the style here in v 22.  So note a connection v 4&5 and v 22.  Hence pagan worship of a tree of life.  Seems appropriate then Jesus died on a tree, also that he was trained as a carpenter!  And the ‘burning thornbush’ is a tree seen through flames an Edenic symbol. Exodus 3 v 2

3 v 23 Man expelled. As far as God is concerned Mankind is dead, though a life-line is thrown via an intermediary the Seed. Adam and Eve are legally dead this night, later to die without hope. Mankind legally dead but may die in hope, until end 1000 yr Revelation 20 v 5.  This is the “Beginning” where Logos is with God, and ‘creates’ our present World by giving it hope by Ransom, without the Hope it would be scrapped!

3 v 24 Return barred by Cherubs and flaming sword. First mention of a weapon [here enforcing law] in Scripture, obvious intention try to get back and you will die.

4 v 1 Children born: Woman requires insemination by man for children. Eve has no relationship with Yahweh, so why say he helped her?

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Second Creation Account.

Genesis Eden Mundane.