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Acts 17 v 11

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Second Creation Account.

Genesis Eden Ordain.

Ordain; Yahweh sets up his way of dealing with the rebellion.

Long standing themes set up from Genesis

2 v 16,17 Respect of others rights, jealous Image. So in order a universe of Diminutives can function together this test is most important see article: 1 v 27 Sixth Day, part 3 Respect for order [God's law on tree] and property [said tree]. [Love of God, Neighbour]

2 v 18 Where woman is used in scripture, try helper or compliment.


2 v 22 God wanted the Earth populated, a man each with his wife, God had made his will natural to fulfil. Explains wow factor.

2 v 23 Beware; several trinities or threesomes are to be discussed some bad some good. A Man's Wife counts as his own body.

2 v 24 Marriage Sexual intercourse is not recorded until after expulsion from Eden.

2 v 25 To pure all things pure, Titus 1 v 15. Innocence does not cover, is open, symbol light.


3 v 6a Nothing, Woman's sin is not counted in the wider picture, only Man's sin counts and a man's sacrifice ransoms men and women. [a separate sacrifice for women is not required]

3 v 6b The cup in the hand of the Harlot is a play on this as Mother Goddess gives cup to her victim. A cup of death or death dealing Revelation 17 v 1-6.

Baptism reversal symbols; the supplicant enters baptism dry as repentant sinner, symbolically undergoes death by water [God's punishment Flood & Red Sea] after the water is raised up [born] within benefit of Messiah/Christ's sacrifice.  Birthing symbol coming out of waters as new life, note natural birth.

3 v 7 Man has now followed the Woman into sin. So Woman was fooled, and Man was weak, to Yahweh's annoyance Satan's coup was complete.


3 v 12 Man still knew the law. This man is Lawless no other human [except one who did not sin] has ever been in a position to bless or damage Mankind's relationship with Yahweh as much as he. Man is culpable, the woman was assigned as helper. Man held the commission more fully than Woman, so Man's sin makes the rebellion official. Woman's commission was to help the man, not to do the job for him.

Adam, the Man, in him all are now dying from Abel to now -who can hurt Mankind like that? The Christ/Messiah/Seed/Jesus is the only man who can redeem from that.

Both may be represented by others acting in their place or doing things after their example, but remember who the Title holders are.  It puts two straight roads through Bible understanding.


3 v 15 Seed to be identified later in scripture.

3 v 16 A male seniority is preferred in Yahweh's institutions, first man and woman both got it wrong. She ambitious he a wimp. Preferred but not exclusive of more important principles.


3 v 19 To us born outside Eden it is different, work hard and enjoy your bread; staff of life. Unlike Adam though we have hoped!

3 v 20 It is for those at this time unborn that the hopes written in scripture will be provided.

3 v 21 Clothing is now proper for believers. Because nakedness used by Mother Goddess in rites and icons, the connection with innocence is now voided. [clean white robes for the more positive righteous acts]


3 v 23 The relationship between Yahweh and Mankind is severed, Mankind [officially] died on this day, according to God's law. Mankind no longer has direct approach to Yahweh.  It is not God who is dead, but us in our present state.

3 v 24 Consider significance of: The burning bush, Exodus 3 v 2 : The seven branched light in Holy, Exodus 37 v 17-24 : Trees of life Revelation 22 v 1,2,14.

Mankind dead and therefore invisible before Yahweh, the giving of a son of God to Mankind allows Mankind a spokesman representative, as the given son has a relationship with Yahweh in his own right, he uses this on behalf of his new human relatives.  It is still Yahweh who does, backs & underwrites those matters done at the seed/son/messiah’s requests to God.

Seed, ransom, sacrifice, dies without having taken a wife/helper or fathering an heir.

Raised Christ no longer in human form but still has rights to a helper and offspring.

Of interest to Christians because of the two resurrections.

Note that Adam did not die on that 24hr day as he should have; 2 v  16,17 so this is the death stroke that healed [etc.] motif, the raised Osiris.

(In a sense the perfect Creation of Yahweh ‘as was’ is ended, subjected to futility, instead of a potential fury of complete destruction, it is converted/created because there is a Ransom, who we now know as Christ.  This present bad state of affairs is preserved by hope, created by the dual agencies of God and His Christ}  

Comments on Numbers

2 Testimony, Witness, Establish.


i] As an emphasised two, one plus one with assistance or,

ii] one [each same] emphasised/magnified three times. Holy Holy Holy Same repeated Yahwahn threefold an emphasised one, continuous without break. Context source Revelation 4  v 8 and 4 v 1-8 past-present-future.

4 Possibly number of creature types bearing the Image of God.

7 Creator's number Genesis 1 v 1-2 v 3, note that if divided this Seven is 6+1 as in Genesis six days of work and one of rest. At Ezekiel chapter 9, and in Revelation Seventh position leads to next seven: Seals – Trumpets 8 v 1,2.

12 Blessing on Jacob number: Appropriate gifts/distribution by God. (6+2)+(2+2)=12 [for those of you who wish to track it, the 6 number here is really a seven in blessing!]

40 10 x 4 all involved by issues of rebellion, consideration, preparation, reflection, etc. .

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Second Creation Account.

Genesis Eden Ordain.