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Acts 17 v 11

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Second Creation Account.

Genesis Eden Profane

The gods of Eden.

This is not that difficult, but does require careful thinking.  Genesis is giving the origins, these then extend though Scripture of Yahweh and also though Satan’s religious systems [i.e. both sides];  paganism and the Roman apostate intrusion into the Christian Congregation.  Study of Scripture and also visits to museums [esp for Egypt] ancient sites, legends of old; all may enlighten your appreciation of this, not complex in nature but involved situation of religions of the World: Yahweh’s & Satan’s.

Profane, The Influence of Adam and Eve on the “World”.

Ezekiel 43 v 10,11.

AVATAR please note that this word is being used in a modern sense of alternate identity, due to lack of an ideal English word. Creation or birth of the pagan Heaven and Earth.

The scene is set among greater detail of the Sixth Day of Creation, it is not a second account of the same. To put it another way; a second creation account of a different kind of creation.

BEWARE; several trinities or threesomes are to be discussed .

Here pagan sacred ideas are contrasted with Biblical ideas, take great care maybe read sort of: tongue in cheek?

Babylon and Nimrod

Some fascinating works of academic quality have been produced over the last century or more. Focusing on Babylon because of Jeremiah 13 v 23's allusion to Nimrod, the first empire builder Genesis 10 v 8-14. This is as far also as we might hope artefacts to show evidence. The story of Adam and Eve would have been well known, though subject to interpretation by the post-flood generations after the scattering from Babel. The pagan doctrines of the world would develop in isolation and thence vary somewhat.

Combining the above things seemed pretty good, but there are some short comings in this logic. A prime one is to try to enforce sectarian values with incomplete evidence. The trap here is to blame the apostasy on them/somebody else; producing the comforting thought one is of the chosen group. Point of logic here is that The Apostasy is ineffective if it is isolated in another group, apostasy works within the congregations. You might meet it one day revealed very close to home, Luke 6 v 42, 2Corinthians 11 v 14, Revelation 18 v 4. Therefore the Apostasy will be revealed/exposed within the Christian congregations/churches and only after that will the end come.

If we apply “not changing spots” then we must go back to the real start: Eden. Nimrod and Babylon installed some formality onto an already established rebellion against God.

Nonetheless I am grateful for the work previously done [books and Internet], it has saved me time and means I do not have to reinvent the wheel. So some where I differ with their conclusions, I thank for the work they did. Proverbs 1 v 5,6 Daniel 12 v 4.

This is how Adam & Eve and Lucifer’s animal avatar, become the deities of the World’s pagan system.

Shape of The Rebellion.

2 v 25 Guilt hides, symbol darkness.

3 v 1 Serpent's association with Woman and as oracle noted.

3 v 4 First doctrine of Lucifer's pagan system.

3 v 5 Second doctrine of Lucifer's pagan system.

3 v 6a Third doctrine of Lucifer's pagan system. The Woman pre-eminent as Virgin avatar is first informed by oracular serpent, at this stage pre-eminent and alone in pagan system. [1st part of 1st pagan trinity]

[The primary position of the female goddess in pagan systems, is seen in Revelation 17 v 1,3,7,9,18 .]

[In Yahweh's symbols virgin is used for untouched, pure in submissive presentation.]

3 v 6b Third doctrine, 1st Trinity 2nd part; Woman as Crone avatar death bringer Also Fourth doctrine 2nd Trinity the [Man falls in sin] Father avatar Slain. ... Weeping for Tammuz

Because of the deferral of execution, this is the sword stroke that got healed. Adam was not physically put to death on the day of eating the fruit, but lived on outside Eden.  That is Adam recovered from execution by Yahweh on the day and, the pagan god rises from death stroke.  Revelation 13 v 3, 14, & 17 v 8.

From the believer’s view consider;  The extend of the expulsion  Exodus 33 v 20, 1Chronicles 13 v  9&10  Revelation 20 v 5, 12  simple alienation from God caused by Adam is a state of being dead  Romans 5 v 12.

3 v 6c Fourth doctrine of Lucifer's pagan system, The Man is now Son avatar of the Mother avatar [2nd Trinity the Son avatar of Mother avatar]

As Man becomes son of mother on eating the fruit and they are both to be like God, then the son is divine in the pagan sense. This Horus style divinity has been much utilised by pagan kings.

3 v 12 Female lead in pagan system.

3 v 14 Lucifer not being human must operate his system wearing the aegis of Man and Woman.

3 v 15 Achilles, limping gods.

3 v 16 In history too there seems a battle of sexes between the two trinities, Mother Goddess female in three forms and Father, Son, Sister/Wife male in two forms.

3 v 20 Everyone? The Mother Goddess produces all life from her womb. Woman is producer of Man[sinner].

3 v 21 Mother Goddess often shown naked, as she was when enlightened. The: fertility/fecundity of the Mother Goddess.

3 v 22 There is the idea in paganism of achieving things by quest. Rites practised in groves.

3 v 23 Sky gods. Yahweh becomes remote without direct connection with Mankind, references to God of the Heavens.

3 v 24 Fifth Doctrine of Lucifer's pagan system, Passage through fire to salvation. Sometimes stylised as a cross tree of life reverenced. [In contrast to fire being destruction symbol in Yahweh's system with salvation often through water, and water puts out fire!]

4 v 1 Sixth Doctrine of Lucifer's pagan system; the Mother and Child motif, producer of the Son god and of fecundity.

Doctrines from rebellions standpoint:

1. Immortality; Genesis 3 v 4

2. Human wisdom; Genesis 3 v 5

3. Earth Mother Trinity; pre-eminent Virgin, Crone/Death bringer, Mother; Genesis 3 v 6

4. Father-Son plus Sister/Wife Trinity, Osiris/Horus/Isis; Genesis 3 v 6

5. Sacred Tree fire barrier – hero quest; Genesis 3 v 24

6. Mother & Child; Genesis 4 v 1.

Numbers of the Rebellion, needed to do the count;

2  Two lies, two sinners, two pagan gods made in Eden.

3 So where is the Trinity in the Bible? There are Two forms of Trinities

First [pagan] Trinity [Third doctrine of Lucifer's system]:

pt:1 Virgin avatar, pre-eminent, primordial, first alone. Woman first to take fruit in Eden 3 v 6a

pt:2 Crone avatar, death bringer to Father god. Woman gives fruit to Man so he sins and dies before Yahweh. 3 v 6b,7 & Romans 5 v 12 & James 1 v 15

pt:3 Mother avatar, now the man has joined her in sin, she informed by Serpent, She leads the Man. 3 v 17

Mystic number first trinity

Virgin, Crone, Mother; each of these avatars are the same [Eve] and so each is the three

therefore the mystic number of this trinity is 9 (3+3+3)

(pagans know this and mythology gives stories with three crones or three virgins)

Second Trinity [Fourth Doctrine of Lucifer's pagan system]

pt1: The Father avatar; Man who dies in sin. Osiris and other dark husbands of Mother Goddess.

pt2: Mother avatar, here as [Isis; sister/wife/mother] varies pending tradition.

pt3: Son avatar Man as sinner [Lawless] follower of Woman. Horus the living raised god.

Mystic number second [pagan] trinity

Father=1 +Son=1 +[Sister/Wife]=1, 1+1+1 =3

Father is Adam before sin and Son is Adam after sin, these are same.

So [Father and Son] =1 + [Sister/Wife]=1, 1+1 = 2

Adam's Sister/Wife is Eve, she was made from his flesh and on marriage the two become one.

Therefore the number of this trinity is 1.

That solves the riddle; that these three are one, yet three.

Having solved the riddle that mystery terminates, we know now.

Once “your eye sees it” it is really quite simple, how Adam & Eve are the pagan gods! Hidden in plain sight.

No wonder they said it was a mystery, but Adam & Eve’s apotheosis explains the mystery riddle, three but one.

The Apostasy from Eden.

Points of Contrast;

Yahweh the Father and his son Messiah/Jesus/Christ, this son dies for our sin but on rising from death remains a son. This son obedient, does not seek Father's position, therefore very unlike a Horus type Son. John 14 v 28 submission of Christ to God.

Three badges of Baptism induction rite. Supplicant / baptised person may receive some Holy Spirit after rite performed.

As the Father Yahweh is everlasting then the son Christ [or any other son] remains a son to time everlasting.

Christ the son of God: John 10 v 34,35 Psalm 82 v 6,7

Osiris, Horus Son of god: 2Thess 2 v 3,4 v 4 (Pharaoh/Horus)

‘Sacred Incest’ and Brother & Sister Marriage

Further on Egyptian Religious Habits; Incest.

It became the custom for Pharaoh to marry his sister in honour of the god Osiris/Horus/Isis trinity. If you know the Osiris myth, then you understand Jochebed's ruse.

Up until the leaving of Egypt, Yahweh's worshippers had often married close relatives. This has caused much amusement for the ridiculer; Cain's sister wife, aided by theologies which carelessly call close relation marriage immoral.


A little bit of thought is called for. Moses the prophet declaring Yahweh's covenant law with Israel, was the son of a marriage of nephew and aunt, Exodus 6 v 20. Jacob, Israel's patriarch married to two sisters, Genesis 29 v 13-30. Abraham the patriarch of Jews and Arabs was married to his half sister, Genesis 20 v 12. Why such a sudden abrupt shift away from the accepted practice?

First Introduction of Incest Laws.

The prime reason was to exclude pagan practices from the people of God. This seems understood at the time, the earlier marriages remaining approved and offspring legitimate. This practice [sacred incest] may have at that time been gaining popularity, as a previous King/Pharaoh clearly did not expect a man to marry his sister! Genesis 12 v 10-20. The introduction of forbidding close relation marriages was not on the grounds of morality, but to forbid the honouring of the triune family of Osiris.

The nation of Israel was then embarking as a nation, a structured people, it was to keep the pagan practice outside. So the incest laws at Leviticus 18 v 6-18 should be understood with the earlier rider at verse 3. In principle and basic reason the marriages from Abraham to Moses' parents find a more recent parallel; 2Corinthians 6 v 14 where brothers only marry sisters.

There does seem an inbuilt preference to marry a person who did not share in a mutual childhood. As God intended this is probably enough to keep inheritance factors mixing, an occasional close marriage in a well mixed population being no problem. However inbreeding on a large scale can be a hazard, besides this being banned as a pagan practice [under Jewish and some civil law].

1. The human race is inbred because of the destruction of all bar one family at the Flood.

2. Human senses of superiority of Race or Class, has led to inbred strains in many populations.

3. Many of us are descended from groups which practised inbreeding or were isolated.

So there are good reasons to avoid close relationship marriage today, it is just that morality is not one of them. The moral laws on sex and marriage are not to mess up peoples fun, but for the benefit of children each one knowing [so far as possible] both mum and dad.

So Cain's wife no problem now.

"Surely it cannot be that simple," you say " .. even other than God's people forbade close relation marriage!" ... I should explain this also; although, since when do God's people set moral standards by those of others?

Prior to present times where most Nations can be identified by the area [country] they inhabit, a King or Chief might rule a group which occupied only a smaller area. Consider the logic: the King/Chief's army must fight for the King/Chief's group and therefore it makes sense those within the group are tied by bonds of loyalty across the group, what better long term solution than marriage ties across the group. The members of the group then see family ties and national ties as similar. We should remember that human rule has modified through every stage between family and the large nations separated from others by natural barriers.

Consider these two cases together: Genesis 34 v 9-12 and 20-23 [context the chapter] with Alexander's marriage orders in Persia.

The pleasures of sex and the more understood biological function of sex have become over prominent in today's thinking. Surely sex is important, it is obviously essential, but only as a component of a union. Marriage is about loves, loyalties, duties, family, belonging and that "blood" which is thicker than water. 2Corinthians 6 v 14-18.

For Christians who are mostly Gentiles;  The Incest component of Mosaic Law would be similar to that of Circumcision in that there is some identifiable direct benefit in following the law.  There are a few Gentiles who have been circumcised for a medical reason and generally incest is known for risks to offspring. Perhaps in modern times some compassion could be shown in Gentile Lands, when a married couple find they are close relatives after children have been born to them.  The Christian duty to children stands high in such judgement, this of course is up to the respective Legal System (Caesar).

Note Jochebed's efforts to continue her care for Moses.

There is another convenience of a non-incest system, which is blood related males retain close access to a daughter or sister without suspicion, if needed.  This can be useful at times.

[Consider Yahweh’s position in terms of our advancing though partial knowledge of Genetics. From Creation to the post Flood dispersion with lower Human population there was not always a choice.  In the Patriarch period the Genome was in a period of accretion; Chaldean + Egyptian.  After the conquest there was additional Cannanite.  From the settlement, Judges & Kingdom the Nation would become more homogenous and avoiding incest would become more beneficial.  In later times the northern Kingdom may have blended into the indigenous population and the southern Kingdom remaining more intact, which is why today we call Israelites “Jews” which is the name of the main southern tribe “Judah”.]

5 Add the avatars: virgin, crone, mother, father, son. What is interesting here is that the Father and Son are alternate, that is as one changes to the other. So this makes a five which can also appear as a four, this is played on in the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse where Death and Hades play an alternate role. When four is used in Yahweh's system it is exactly four. Extensive play on five used in polluted worship is in Ezekiel 40 v 1-43 v 11.

6 part 1 Six basic doctrines of pagan system or The two trinities added.

Detail on Six

Nebuchadnezzar's image, shows six was in use in Babylon's religious ideas. But to lean on this in reasoning would be to take concepts external to God's reckoning. Daniel chp 3.

One short of Seven for imperfection. Sounds plausible however this is switching logic half way through the thought: If the Seven is in Yahweh's system is there a Six in Yahweh's system? - Six for sixth day this was declared good, as were the earlier days.

Six for sixth day, sin did not occur on this day. Otherwise the work of creating Mankind could not have been declared good.

Six basic pagan doctrines, could hold but I am unable in one lifetime to do all the checks into mythologies and cultural ideas.

Six as sum of the two trinities; most, possibly all trinities in the pagan system can be explained as forms of the two from Eden. As the Eden account places two human rebels as source of the two trinities it is simple to add them for the pagan

6 part 2. Six [pagan] is therefore the sum of the rebellion against Yahweh. [two sinners each a trinity; 3 + 3=6]

8 Treat 8 with care, use context.

9 Mother Goddess triune, mystic number see first trinity.

Having identified the original characters of the “gods of Eden” from the Genesis account we can see;


IS herself  ALL OF THE THREE = ‴ ‴ ‴ =9

10 Mystic values of both trinities added 9+1=10

It is interesting to note that World religions are of two, god forms:

1- A one God form, Judaism, a small number of [Arian or unitarian] Christian groups and Islam. This is a specific one God, the god of Abraham, the Yahwahn faiths.

2- A three god form, most of [orthodox] Christian and many if not all “pagan” and ancient faiths.



Why did I not use the word Yahwist  here, as it already exists?

Because Yahwist is used in connection with a theory of differing writers or dual authorship, to which I do not subscribe, moreover my comments on Genesis 2 v 4 probably obsoletes that theory.

So I needed a word and worked on the letter characters;

Yahwahn contains the tetragrammaton and  can be said as “Yah-one”.

Definition Yahwahn;

I suggest ‘Yahwahn’ can be used for the broader influence of Yahweh, & as before for those Abrahamic faiths holding to the ‘Singular Oneness’ of God, the Yah-One-ers.  Some quite different consider Revelation 1 v 4 to 3 v 22.

Further: I suggest the ‘orthodox trinity in Christendom’ is a relic of the Roman Empire’s habit/wish to see all gods in its domain as versions of the Roman pantheon. Compare Daniel 11 v 31, v 32-35 [middle ages] and 12 v 11.

{ The Trinity is possibly the longest lasting Roman artefact still functioning to purpose, ok; along with a few Aqueducts. Remember it was signed into the Christian Church by Emperor Constantine IV 681ce. It is a Roman Caesar’s Imperial Law.}

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