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Acts 17 v 11

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Calculate 666

Second Creation Account. Genesis 2 v 3 to 3 v 24

Genesis Eden Explain

Explain; How Genesis and Revelation Explain Each Other, count 666 etc.

[it is assumed you have understood the previous articles: Mundane, Ordain and Profane which explain the aspects of Genesis 2 & 3.  Two charts may help in review: Fig:2  & Fig:3.

This has kept us in suspense for Centuries do not expect a simple “glib” answer, if it were so simple it would not have taken so long now would it?  1;Patient attention and 2;allow the Scriptures to discipline your thinking and it will ALL fit together. Simple though at times involved.  "O, what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive"  proves true here also.

 [quote Sir Walter Scott]

Revelation Past.

There is a common error which often does no harm, to presume prophecy always foretells the future. Really any expression sourced from Yahweh; is prophecy, words of the Divine One, it is often the case these foretell what is to come.

The book's name Revelation; something exposed, tends to suggest also matters hidden now being on show. Obviously there will be some story so far, especially where important issues are concerned.

Reflect time-wise on Revelation 1 v 19.

Otherwise you may try desperately to explain a future event, when in fact it is a detail on the issues of the past.

Starting Revelation at the Right Point in Time.

After introductions and messages to the congregations this vision moves to Heaven. In Revelation chapter 4, all seems well, then in chapter 5 things change.

Why did the Apostle John give way to crying/weeping in the scene at Revelation 5 v 4? If the sad episode ended with the killed lamb 5 v 5.6, then the sadness was caused by no killed lamb? This time must be before Jesus death for mankind's sins, but apart from Adam and Eve potentially all human's have had hope, so in a spiritual sense no reason to be unhappy.

There was such a time, a part of a particular 24 hour day, when the Man kind should have all died.

Between the moment Man sinned and God announcing a Seed/a hope. Mankind [we/us! ] were due to never be born. This sad period ended on that same day, when the Seed/Messiah/Jesus/Christ sacrifice was accepted as reason to ransom [then unborn] humanity. An agreement authorised by God to save humanity, thought the details are designated by God.

In Chapter six the seals are opened and we have the four/five horsemen of the Apocalypse. Soon after the arrangement for saving is accepted.

1st. White is symbol of cleanliness and also of the Moon, the bow is a Moon symbol, so; the first Horseman is debated over! Judging by the company he keeps he is not good news, Proverbs 30 v 29-31. The Crown and Conquest are a contrast, rightful authority and taken by force authority. Adam fits here as legitimate Earth keeper and as taker of the fruit. Ecclesiastes 8 v 9.

2nd. Red, War, Adam was to see one son kill another.

3rd. Black, Famine, Adam suffered thorns and thistles.

4th. [5th] Death as if two forms, Abel died with hope Adam with no hope.

So when did this ride begin? [Symbolic of matters allowed in sinful World.] Suggest Abel would be under the covering of the fifth seal.

I suggest the Horsemen ride from the expulsion from Eden, Death rides longest; Revelation 20 v 13,14.

A Man's Number though introduced as the Beast’s number.  Man’s number is a direction for solving, beast’s number is where its found.

First 666 will occur randomly and reasonably often, we all come across it from time to time.

The question is do we know the man or not?

1. If we do not know the man and do not understand the number either, especially as it often turns up, then we have no real chance of solving it, God would not put us in that position.

2. It would be logical then, God has already supplied the information; either to solve the number or identify the man or both.

3. The man either has or will have significance, or both.

4. The number will be a man's in some way or other.

5. In solving it is essential to show a connection between the values of 666 and a/the man.

Use Genesis to Solve Revelation's calculation requirement for 666

Revelation 13 v 18

The Eden Solution

The math, this method makes a serious first(?) try at explaining 666 by doing the mathematic as Scripture asks.

I suggest the verse could be read more ordinarily as::   

....  the Spirit says to the students Revelation 13 v 18; “which one will write in the factors and operators to=666” & explain from what you have learned”.

Clearly we are in Scriptural symbolism of the highest order, but the order is solve with  a mathematical method.

The pagan ‘gods’ and originators of the Earthly rebellion against Yahweh, are Adam the man and Eve the woman : Genesis 3 v 5b.

The digit '6 ‘ we can identify as representing both pagan trinities: 2 x 3=6 or 3+3=6, but also appears as the sum of rebellion doctrines stated as established in Genesis.

Adding the Mother goddess 9 (3x3) to the male gods 1 (3=1)  =10.

So we have 6 & 10 how to relate to 666.

The number in Greek comes from three values placed successively in the text;

600, 60 & a 6 given successively  as three numbers not a single.

So the method that follows works on the values of the numbers which are symbolic in construction.  If you have understood the reasoning so far, the calculate or counting is fairly simple.

Calculate 666 from Genesis, so here it is;

As covered previously one trinity is female the other male, so for the calculation use the male trinity [a man’s number].

This has the mystic value 1 so 1 x 6 is 6.

The sum of mystic values is 10.

Father and Son are the same,  two components of this trinity,

6 x 10 for Father and x 10 for Son  is 600.

The remaining component is the Mother,

6 x 10 is 60.

Add 6 + 600 + 60 = 666. Remember Genesis 3 v 5 &  see also, Second Thessalonians 2 v 4 and 9.

Again quite simple, hidden in plain sight!


Six hundred and sixty-six = The Adamic Trinity

666 the escutcheon of Adam + Eve original rebels [& now successors], which the Serpent empowers

Easily available in all worldly places but only for 3½ times this stubborn  mark can only  be washed out with righteous blood.

Isaiah 46 v 9,10

Revelation 18 v 4 & Matthew 24 v 15,16 & Daniel 11 v 31.

Mystery of Lawlessness or Lawless One, 2 Thessalonians 2 v 1 to 12.

Now this becomes clearer with the Eden Solution, the first man is the original sinner the Lawless One, made a ‘god’ by Satan Genesis 3 v 4&5.  Becoming the male pagan trinity of ancient times and eventually taking a seat as a ‘Christian god’?


Consider the problems given to producers of the christian[?] trinity by 2 John 1 v 7 ‘flesh’. Add the logic of Romans 5 esp verse 12.

Was But Is Not

Also although for mercy’s sake it was so, Yahweh did not fully complete the punishment of Genesis 2 v 17 a remarkable non-incident, but because of an available ransom and the need for the inherited guilty [US] to be conceived and born for later redemption Adam escaped immediate [in same 24 hr day] death.  Needed as breeding stock; thus I suggest in Scriptural symbolism the deified Adam is the beast in the Abyss that ascends out: that was but is not & the head with the revived sword stroke and in the pagan spin: the Phoenix rising from its own ashes: Osiris raised up by Isis, etc., etc..

Yahweh and the ‘seed’ are here seen saving by promise the potential future mankind, not as yet born.

The Creation is perfect, Yahweh is certain righteous ones will be born. These in a sinful World will choose and aspire to what is right, sometimes at great cost.

Founding of the World

So when was the World founded? I think you should be considering any time from the sin in Eden to the Seed / Messiah arrangement.  Only when the saving arrangement was in force would what Satan & Co. made be of any duration.

The Word of God

So the Two statements/promises [Genesis 1 v 28 & 2 v 17] of God, are in conflict due to a traitorous mischief [Genesis 3 v 4,5], but now justice by decree is delayed [to the living] so that Justice of mercy might prevail [to the unborn] is put in the hands of the Seed/Christ, with generous support by the Father.  Leaves one in little doubt as to, who is the Word of God?: 2Corinthians 1 v 20.

And following on from that Scripture, connect these;

Genesis 1 v 28  … with … John 1 v 1 to 29


Genesis 2 v 17 … with … Revelation 19 v 11 to 20 v 10

Second Creation Account.

Genesis Eden Explain

Calculate 666