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Acts 17 v 11

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The Apostasy, some explanation requirements.

There are quite a number of explanations out there and to a certain extent this may not always be a bad thing; Daniel 12 v 4b.  Here I shall consider points for a reader of any such work, also too; for any writer of any such work.  And Yes, these points of thought apply every bit as much to me and the work in the rest of this Website.

Anybody in a process of study, is also learning as they go, if they publish too soon they can have a poor explanation.  Their own lack of self assessment might do a disservice to the merits of the proposed method. Oops - a very human mistake.

Ah,.. Yes, our human weaknesses; blackouts in our logic if the subject gets near our personal sin weakness, or, taking things literally when we have not really searched a meaning, or, taking things symbolically because deep down we lack the faith it can ever happen, or, because we are opinionated about a particular line of thought, or, letting our imagination explain things because we lack in the study area, or, not checked things out thoroughly before speaking, or, fear of man, or, mistakes we should not have made as school children, or, have I missed anybody?  I do not address the perfect but fellow sinners.

These things being so with us, consider; James 3 v 1.  It is not for me to say to any other; do this or don’t do this. I caution prudence in these matters.  However if buried the talent does not increase, if you do business you may loose a talent here and there.

Consider in any explanation some things should ‘feel right’;

1/ It should add to the understanding of the whole body of Scripture, because God has given it for some reason; Isaiah 55 v 11 [8-11].  If any explanation appears to add, clarify, then this has potential, but turn down ‘damp squib’ explanations.  What do you feel about it as a sheep; John 10 v 27.

2/ It must be on/of the correct scale, remember that the parameters of the explanation must match the parameters of Prophecy.

I  will suggest the Lawless one and the Antichrist are similar versions of the same ‘one’, differing in perspective. [ 1John  & 2Thess ]

2Thessalonians 2....

Compare verse 1 & 2 with Matthew 24 v  4-13

v 3 Its not just any apostasy but The Apostasy,

v 4 It has a particular make up, the player is the ‘man of lawlessness’ who is set up above all ‘gods’ even sitting in Yahweh’s place.

Now that has got to be BIG.

If its an apostasy then its inside the Congregations.

Forget for a moment the explanation on this Website, after all what if I am wrong -just note my explanation does match the scale.

So too, any any valid explanation will match the scale.

The Apostasy, was functional at the time of the Apostles at least a bit or consider maybe a long time before; v 7.

Explanations should tie in or match the patterns of Scripture.

2Thessalonians 2 v 4 with Matthew 24 v 15 & Daniel 11 v 31b-32 & Revelation 14 v 9,10 & Revelation 18 v 4.

The Apostasy, some explanation requirements.