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Acts 17 v 11

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The Baggage of Fantasy, how we might still think wrongly in pagan ways.

The Baggage of Fantasy, just how we might still think wrongly in pagan style.

So the ‘Man of Lawlessness' and 666 are covered now but there are some smaller insidious pagan intrusions into our thinking.  Some may be obvious only after being pointed out.  You will have to think about these carefully; every single one of us has a different background and ways of thinking.

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I know some even ban fairy tales for their children while others see no risk at all, I will take a middle way, let them hear the old stories but talk to them about the ideas each story suggests, a sort of :Immunisation.

Magic and spells versus Miracle

Charm Vs Worship

Good/Evil Vs righteousness

Quest Vs undeserved kindness

God, person or abstract?

Ritual will it ensure success?

War Games

Magic and spells versus Miracle,  Yahweh as Creator made all things and has no one above him, therefore when he decides to do something he must do it himself having no other to call on.  True he can delegate, but that again is to somebody he made.  From time to time when you hear glories of the Creator think of overalls and toolboxes, sometimes he will adjust the system to his order by doing the job.  So when Jesus said ‘pick up your cot and walk’, Yahweh had to DO the job by mending the man.  Therefore common courtesy reminds us a thank you is in order.  The idea in magic is that the magician or caster of the spell is in control.

Charm Vs Worship, Many objects may be special; places of worship or objects within -even copies of Holy Scripture.  In your mind have you allowed yourself to think these special even treasured things are more than just material things.  If you have maybe you should rethink this.  Matters understood become active in the believers mind this is more than the paper copy and is not the Congregation of Brothers and Sisters worth more than a building.  That a special object has a power is the pagan concept of a Charm.  Don’t worship the Holy Scriptures -study them.  God made the Scripture for us, not we for a book.

Good/Evil Vs righteousness, It seems that Entertainment presentations and some games [see also war games], that there is a battle between Good and Evil, is this truly the case? Most of us would certainly not qualify as Good -even Jesus declined that description.  But we hover between seeking to do Right by following directions of Scripture.  Evil or Good do not exist in objects as though some sort of power.  Yahweh defines the good and the righteous follow that direction.  These are of the Heart and Mind, not objects or places.

Quest Vs undeserved kindness, The idea of a quest or task to achieve good is misleading, sometimes it might just happen that way, but, for Christians “reward” is by undeserved kindness not by achievement or success of a quest.

However sometimes a person has to get up and do something and not stand still; consider.

God, person or abstract? Must make this point: Get the: God is a person into your mind.  The interaction between yourself and God may not be as real at first as normal social affairs of life.  This is the baggage of some who have been searching, and during that time have obviously considered many forms of thought on an intellectual level.  Use his name: Yahweh aka Jehovah, after all you’re not addressing anyone else are you?

Ritual will it ensure success? Ah this depends on how it is used.  Rituals can be useful, marriage, funeral and etc. are rituals in that there is an expected way to do things.

There is also ritual useful to the desperately praying where perhaps repetition simply offers something to say, because you have to talk.

Aside from these though, no ceremony, incantation or ways of doing things, in itself will cause Yahweh to do anything at all.  What he does are favours and kindnesses because he wants too.

There is a lot of incense which did no more than stain he roof.  Pagans would view the ceremony as having power of itself.

Progress/grow in your relationship with Yahweh.

War Games,  the idea of killing without justification is murder in God’s eyes, playing these games where this is contextual may do strange things to the heart.  Christians should be peacemakers which is a far more difficult task.

Our Cultures were mostly once pagan, could this still affect us -questions for oneself.