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Acts 17 v 11

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“I, AM”

Some of the nonsense conclusions.


It must be plainly obvious the writer does not believe God exists with a trinity condition.  

That said, I am somewhat annoyed by the “I AM” trinity reasoning of late, the lack of simple Bible study and logic.  Though I am aware this can exist as a rare mental condition among humanity.

I am going to put first, that ‘I am’ is almost the ultimate statement of singularity and presence, ever since we realised as children we each were aware of our personal existence.  Some of us must utter ‘I am’ on a regular, sometimes legal basis.

I AM= Singular Present Awareness, very commonly said by any aware singular and present person.  God, Christ, Angels and all humanity often say this.  We all use this expression the meaning is so basically obvious. Yet Trinitarians cleave to this weird idea that because two of the Singular present aware used it, they are a trinity.  Hence an inversion of the obvious, rather than accepting the meaning of the words.

Pharaoh was thought a god, but knowing the shenanigans of court, to get the job , he must have had some doubts. Moses wanted to know on who’s authority he was returning to Egypt,  note his position on return could be complicated as he was a Royal Rebel.  What was the main difference between Egypt’s gods [including the dead pharaohs] and Yahweh; the quality of real present existence.  It was as though one of Egypt’s statues were to open it’s eyes and look back at Pharaoh; “ultimate statement of singularity and presence”.

And this panic when Jesus said ‘I am’ to those coming to arrest him.  Did they really think he said he was God? I am disappointed at that logic because it misleads from the obvious.  If he had said he was God they would have rushed to arrest him all the sooner or stone him lynch style.  But it was a very risky business to arrest Yahweh’s prophet.  Read  2Kings 1 v 8 to 15 the event is used in Revelation 11 v 5 also see Luke 9 v 51 to 56, so hardly obscure pointers.

So the “I AM” was no worse than “yes” or “that’s me”, this was known to be a hazardous mission.

I am not making any claim to be part of a trinity, I am just me.

If we truly believe we are made in the Image of God and yet the Scripture cannot be altered then as we are clearly singular individuals then so must He also be singular -as an image made by God himself must be a true representation of that which it copies even though it is a miniature.  To believe a Trinity at this juncture then; you must either deny God’s Scripture or DENY His ability to make a perfect representation of His basic nature.

So we call the Almighty to the witness stand and question Him as too His accuracy= Is a man a truthful representation of His Image as He claims in Genesis or not?

You know what God thinks of liars, or doubt His ability to do just as He says.

We are not trinities we are each unique, therefore singularity.

We look inside at our own self, I am singular are you? The non-symbolic reference to what the native nature of God is like, and we all ARE a copy.  [-Look inside yourself, should be easy enough]

 If God were a trinity then understanding such an idea should be second nature to us, as the Image of God would be felt/seen in ourselves.  Genesis 1 v 26 to 27

-is therefore the most simple and obvious non Trinitarian logic statement in Scripture.

As shown elsewhere the Trinity is a most ancient Apostasy.

Some pointers on Image of God;

Some may find this a difficult concept to approach; because of image used in idolatry or being fearful of interpreting it too boldly thence in some way offending Yahweh.

Dear Brother or Sister;  In some ways I am as blind as you -I have not seen God.   

That said read on; these are correct concerns it is better you had them than not.

Follow my logic and see if it helps your thoughts.

Because we capitalise words where the Person of Yahweh in meant, do not fear the words -words are just words, fear God.   On the subject of boldness, note it is Yahweh who says this and therefore He invites us to consider these things.

Image here means a representation of a reality, I have already made the point that the ‘image’ is God’s greatest gift to us elsewhere.

We are told God is a Spirit, we are flesh, this is our natures not the Image.  When God is spoken of with human attributes these are obviously equivalents of abilities.  Gods ‘sees’, he probably does not require sunlight, that’s used by day dwelling humans but as we would see with our eyes and gain information of our relative surrounding so he will use a suitable system to view that surrounding Him. Likewise a hand is a means of applying our will on things.

Ponder on this awhile, then;

If we remove the issue of person, title, scale, life-form nature & etc.  so we just have mind, emotion, un-programmed I suggest the pattern that remains is the image God has shared.  So that He can talk to all the creatures in his Image, in an understandable manner.

He just has to remember to adjust for scale.  Psalm 78 v 39

That being said, we have some quality issues to deal with, all of us sinners.

Why not boldly be thankful for the gift;

We can now say of ourselves;  &I am too.

Thanks be to Yahweh* for giving Me to Me.

*Word ”God” would be inappropriate here.