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Acts 17 v 11

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Get out of her,

Link the following;

Matthew 24 v 15 – Daniel 11 v 31 – 2Thessalonians 2 v 1-4 - Revelation 18 v 4

 Revelation 18 v 4

I think some of you were wondering when I would come to this verse, which becomes urgent in the Last Days.  Because some Congregations of believers are already avoiding things ‘Babylonish’ or Pagan.  What is important here is clarity on the verse, not just for those who look deeply and apply.  Many believers have not seen the issue, not surprising –there is an Apostasy at work confusing things.

“End Timers” should note this is a serious threat to avoid, simply by getting out. Be passive and you could loose all.

Those of you who have followed this work should understand this:

The Adamic trinity father who is his own son now sits in Yahweh’s due seat in Christendom Worldwide.


The Adamic trinity son who is his own father now sits in Yahweh’s due seat in Christendom Worldwide.

Ok if you can see that, then the alarm signal of Matthew 24 v 15 & Mark 13 v 14 is ON and Matthew 24 v 34 & Mark 13 v 30 start counting time to the depth of the worst tribulation which will be cut short Matthew 24 v 22 & Mark 13 v 20.  So time estimates useless.

Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia is a useless practice whereas the Eden Solution directs how to act.

Of course I am only a man, subject to all those limitations and shortcomings and could have got it wrong, a fair question which you should consider. Also consider that I could be in practical ‘action terms’ correct, Yahweh will make sure somebody is, somewhere, someday before the End.

So be Scripturally cautious but don’t set your requirements beyond reason; John 7 v 31.

Revelation 18 v 4 note three points

1 . Get/come out of her, so ‘my people’ are inside Babylon the Great.  We have had a pretty good idea of this meaning  since Alexander Hislop’s  Two Babylons, as a mixed community Worldwide many believers are playing/enjoying Babylon’s ways while others shun those Babylonian ideas.

2.  “My people”, so turn your attention to those who believe but are involved with anything of Babylonish origin.  God calls them ‘my people’ therefore do not despise them as being in false worship just yet – warn them.  

3. Share;  GOD’S PEOPLE WHO DO NOT HEED THIS WARNING WILL SUFFER JUST AS BABYLON BY SHARING, being a member of God’s people will NOT protect and disobedience will have painful consequences.

Not a great test of knowledge, endurance or spirituality, just a simple do as we are told. OBEDIENCE! Like the Tree in the middle of Eden.

Move away from the polluted Church habits, in a way which is clear identification to men and Angels.  Advocate that any Christian or Christian group do the same - save your brothers!  Sometimes as easy as ‘pass it on’.

For many this may present personal or social difficulties;

So some pointers

Previous parallels;

Boarding the Ark  [ 2 Peter 2 v 5 you were in or out a time critical choice]

Lot’s wife Genesis 19 v all esp; 15 to 26 [you were in or out a time critical choice]

The S&G & Lot’s wife is interesting case in point; note how many reasonably requested extensions are granted, also Lot’s wife failed to note two points.

Separate from them Number 16 v all. [you were in or out a time critical choice]

Jehu and prophets of Baal 2Kings 10 v 18 to 28 [you were in or out a time critical choice]

Foolish virgins Matthew 25 v 8 to 13 also note where this discourse has continued from. [you were in or out a time critical choice]

If I have made this clear logically, avoid toning down the issue.

 Numbers  11  v  4 to 6

Lot sons in law  Genesis 19 v 14

Just how far can you go with this?

Some Babylonian customs may have lost real meaning by now and maybe the ‘days of the week names’ could be going too far in practicality.  Perhaps one should ask the question is there some ceremony involved?  Remember some Christians died because they would not offer a pinch of incense to Caesar.  You should be recognised as NOT taking part at all, by men and Angels.

You have to be prepared to go all the way to Zoar.

 Luke 17 v 29,30

Do not confuse Matthew 24  and  Luke 21  which could be counted with the succeeding quotes [the ‘in or out’ set esp. Luke 21 v 20,21  ] but differs from Matthew 24  in context, order and direction, but granted several  similar points.  The original audience’s questions  are not exactly the same.  Note, although both are for believers, one could be considered ‘inner circle’ the other more basic, Jesus explained reason for  not speaking to all the same.  Matthew 13 v 10,11 & Mark 4 v 33,34, consider Matthew 24 is ‘inner circle’.  The 12 were a special case and the Holy Spirit had advanced them, and these wanted more clarification.

With the Gospels we soon get used to joining two accounts of the same storyline, but here its not quite the same but linked, the Luke account happens first and the 12 were party to it.  Discussion is likely going on how, - the 12 did talk.  So after a meal in a relaxed moment 4 of the 12 ask for more.

Luke 21 is a public prophecy event in the morning, Matthew 24 & Mark 13 are private ‘End Time’ consultation with Jesus in the evening, Luke 21 was fulfilled 70CE.

Get out of her

My? People