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Acts 17 v 11

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Ships of Kittim

There seems to be a lot of confusion out there, but as stated earlier; Satan can read this prophecy and as Ruler of this World it is probable he may “stage manage” false leads or diversions, target is only to mess with the time sequence, early or late causes the same damage to faith.

Not to worry we just pay attention to our World History view and tight attention Scripture’s narrative.  It is a sequence with a given order and links to known events. That is:

The Prophecy tells you two/three things for any interpretation.

1. It’s start  points are documented Daniel 11 v 1-4 leads you in, undisputed.

2. In Daniel 11 v 40 the narration continues into ‘the time of the end’, also Daniel 12 v 9 states it will be understood in ‘the time of the end’.  Not all agree some say the Prophecy has completed.

3. Comparison of words [check in an interlinear Bibles]  in Daniel 9 v 25 [ruler/prince Strongs 5057] with Daniel 11 v 22.  Consider for yourself whether or not it is reasonable to suggest both these verses refer to Christ’s sacrificial death?  If so you place 11 v 22 in time since 9 v 25 is accepted as messianic Prophecy. Not all agree.

 What was the [King of the North] Roman Empire?  Constantine was Senior Emperor when he moved his capital from Rome to Constantinople: therefore for King of the North follow to the eastern Roman Empire; Byzantium.

Or missing this causes you to skip nearly a thousand years of record and crumples the 1335, the Byzantine empire was King of the North and South at the outset untill it lost Egypt.  Then the Muslim Caliphate held King of the South and Byzantium was King of the North.  When Byzantium fell a Russian king claimed by marriage to be heir.  

For Ships of Kittim (Cyprus) look up the “Battle of Masts” for Arms standing up “Greek Fire”

More detail on this site see; ships of Kittim    or see the full chapter history in Daniel Eleven Hyperlinked.  It’s not all solved, this is just settling a historic point in time to the Scripture and there is more to take into consideration and deduce from the then established time point.

Thus we get to understand the fall of Rome[the city] is not the fall of the Roman Empire, we look into Byzantium history.  Its there!

Egypt falls to the Islamic Arab forces, King of South has “left the table”.

And having literal ships from Kittim[Cyprus] coming against the King of the North[Byzantium or E. Roman Empire], we look for the Arms that stand up[Greek Fire] and the mischief he enacts against the congregations[third Council of Constantinople 680-681] and count 1335 days or years.

Please pass this on for discussion; 680 OR 681 + 1335 each ask “what am I going to do?” BUT - This is only a ‘ball park’ figure and the fine tuning required is more Scripture study!

 Isaac Newton proposed a figure of 2060 as an approximation, he was concerned about rash predictions- but “fools [still] rush in ……..”.

The interpretation is NOT the prophecy, the prophecy will prove true but interpretations may miss out.  Beware.  The Scripture is inspirered of God, never forget this does not apply to the interpretation, which can tangle up with all sorts of preconceptions, misapplied hopes, presumptions not ours to make, errors made by highly regarded persons.


Daniel is logical, the prophecy is at this time about 900 years old, availability of “Koine” {said as: coin-E} Greek scrolls [what we would call publication] began around 250bce.  It is now 2,265 years old approximately, from a provable date and a little older by believers count as Daniel lived 600-500 bce.

The Kings of North and South prophecy runs from Persian times to the End, Daniel 11 v 2 & Daniel 12 v 1 & 9.

Nostradamus ‘Eat you Heart out’  

 -Daniel a Prophet of Yahweh, is the real deal!

Ships of Kittim

Cyprus number 2 sea power in Med 655ce

This I suggest is by far the best fit for;

Daniel’s “Ships of Kittim”  = Battle of the Masts 655ce” exactly.

If you wanted the shipping Company “Ships of Kittim” and NOT a Biblical work on Daniel CLICK HERE.