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Acts 17 v 11

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Ships of Kittim

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Is it: Popilius Laenas, the Roman envoy,

 who stopped Antiochus

[Preterist view]

With respect; no because;

Rome is North of Jerusalem therefore it is a King of the North itself.

The Ships of Kittim must be coming against the North, as or on behalf of the said King of South.

The event above is before Christ, but Christ suggests the event is to come at a time which is still future  to his, Matthew 24 v

15 with Daniel 11 v 31b.

Also in similar vein compare Daniel 11 v 22 with Daniel 9 v 25; Interlinear on “Leader”.

Popilius had come by sea, but that navy played no part in the action, was just a means of transport, whereas the Ships of Kittim bring humiliation to the King of the North.

Is it: The British Navy,

[WTBTS [JW] 2 books on Daniel; dp chap. 15 pp. 262-264 par. 13 The Rival Kings Enter the 20th Century ]

With respect; no because;

Although Britain did hold Egypt as a territory for a time [thus dubbing it king of South], this requires perhaps an unreasonable jump in time [that is: runs about half a millennium -then jumps more than a millennium -then does two days separated by about 3+yrs-that’s if you take the 1335 days as literally such [which is very different to precedent Daniel 9 (v 24 to end)].

Which means that you must identify a specific 24 hour day between 1882 to 1952 [the time of British rule in Egypt]

Where A disgusting thing is set up by the King of the North# after a humiliation by the Ships of Kittim-which causes desolation on a Political/Biblical or Spiritual scale for 1335 days/years till the happy state of Daniel 12 v 12.

These two days would have to stand out very cleanly and distinctly with a clear awful period between, within a recent[ish] period of approx:70 yrs or a “this generation”.  WW 1 nearly fits but is nearer 4 yrs, Did the British ever launch a successful humiliating blow to Russia# by naval action from Kittim?

The “Battle of the Masts” fits the named origin and succeeding events and fits in with Matthew 24 v 15.  I have not as yet found another ships of kittim literal event, so maybe there is only the one.

Both the above  lack an “effective naval engagement” which the verse states as near destruction for king of North.  We must remember this chain of events, are progressive time-points, get one wrong and the rest of the verses are askew!  Every verse must be who; what; why; when; how tested.

As always Acts 17 v 11

#king of North, since Ivan IV look up "Sophia Palaiologina" his grandmother was a niece to last Byzantine Emperor.

Don’t follow my criticism hastily, it takes a lot of hours and work to come up with any view!

The Prophecy can be confusing; but note must be taken of who going where to do what, when you track like that it becomes easier to fix to exact history.

Ships of Kittim

Other views

Two other views now widely circulated, why I chose not to follow them.