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Acts 17 v 11

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Take Another Look at Daniel

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Take another Look at Daniel.

Part 1

A Look at Daniel

Stars of Daniel 12

Daniel simplified

The Rahab Effect

Part 2

Joining the Chain up

1335 Happy Ending

A Look at Daniel parts 1&2……

There are two main parts to this, a simpler way to look at Daniel which should help any interested and the second part which uses the method by application, you may find either or both of service 1-4 & 5-6.

The book is  arranged as Librarians would order  the shelves. Narrative chapters first then Prophetic chapters.    If you have previously found this book a bit confusing then the layout here with some tips [just to be aware of] may help you get to grips with the book [even if you might disagree with some of the conclusions made herein, -I may not have “got it” fully yet, if so, enough for you to be prepared for whenever it is unsealed Daniel 12 v 9 ], should get you interested & started.

Will it take a lot of intellect to solve the puzzles of Daniel? Not that much as the meaning WILL be revealed to some student somewhere, as it pleases God.  Sufficient intellect to handle the matter initially, certainly, but that’s all, because God is giving the understanding. [Daniel 2 v 30, Genesis 41 v 16].  It is Yahweh who is thinking these things up and running them over centuries, we just join in where we come in for the time we’re given under the Sun, we can make the effort to learn the progressing of understanding as the End nears.

I presume my readers think for themselves and are of different backgrounds and may have varied views of Scripture, so I do not dot every ‘I’ and cross every ‘t’, and you have to reach the finish of this with a little of your own effort, many will prefer it that way.  I expect those able; to multi-task these articles with a search engine as their library, copy & paste to search.

You can treat each chapter as complete in itself in Daniel and any topic within a chapter may be dealt with more than once, typically as a first placement with a later enlargement.  This once you know about it is easy to use, on thinking Daniel says “this”, you go after the verse, only to find it does not say “this” that you remembered, search within the same chapter and you should find either the introduction of “this” or the later further explanation of “this”.  For the preceding; the last three 10,11& 12 count as as one.

Chronological order:  1,2,3,4,7,8,5,9,6,10,11,12 which you can check by noting the first few verses of each chapter.  It can confuse but once you know about it, there is no real problem. The order does however highlight the significant difference between Nebuchadnezzar and son Belshazzar’s attitudes. It is worth considering without trying to read too much into it, that maybe the narrative events  might at times help illuminate the prophecy context.  Mostly persons forget the narrative position of each prophecy.

Perhaps it is just the copyist’s making at tidy presentation of the scrolls, or even the way synagogues stored the scrolls,  before these scrolls became a single [codex] book.  The change of scrolls to codex books is a major B.C.E. I.T. Advance.

I would suggest there is no substantial problem here; the narrative is sequential as are [mostly] the prophecy chapters, what happens is that some prophetic passages are moved [out of narrative sequence] to conclude the book all in prophecy.

We will continue the ‘vision/[Daniel] is but one’ principle.  Maybe or maybe not this will solve our questions, or perhaps just some of them.   However we should ALL study and get as far as we can get, knowing that it is ‘for the time of the End’ so somebody studying at the right time will be freely given the solution, it just might not be us?  When the understanding becomes apparent then this is in itself a sign the End is about to be upon us.  Especially of interest, the last three chapters of the prophecy group the; “king of North and King of South” climax, which is the real teaser.

Consider: Anybody else found errors can so easily be made on a good map by not flattening it out & checking its right way up?

Let me make a couple of problems clearer;

First Problem…..

It will not take much looking to see or demonstrate the first problem: Some actions in the King of North & King of South are by no means unique and almost any countries history could match portions here and there; but are they a King of North or King of south?  Therefore great care must be taken as King of North and King of South last into the End, necessitating a change of Kingship i.e.; the title holder changes.  I have,  elsewhere suggested that Rome held both titles during part of the Tetrarchy.  So from the start “Kings” in Daniel are what we on this historical timescale, would call empires and even empires succeeding empires.

Second Problem…..

Lucifer has just as easy an access to this as we do….. and as ruler of this World can create false patterns to misled by time wise derailed interpretation, derail early or late spoils!  Lucifer knows Scripture [ Matthew 4 v 5-7 : 2Corinthians 11 v 14 ]. Yahweh  would also be able to foresee  possible ploys, and provide something for the faithful to reset things to course.


So why not look at this like an education course in a subject becoming more advanced as one progress’.  Kindergarten; Great Image, then King of North and King of South strategic prophecy a graduation [one day] maybe?   We are looking back on most of the prophecy, we can see the history now which Daniel could not, the most work is looking into history and search out the path of the King of North & King of South up to the End Times.   The Internet makes this so much faster and easier than books alone. 


For all except one [Daniel 4] the individual prophecies start at identifiable points in time and run to the system end or nearly so [70 weeks, Daniel 9 v 24 - 27, or we could say most terminate with/as End time prophecy.

Stars of Daniel 12;

Consider the stars of Daniel 12 v 3 , Stars do not give a lot of light compared to the illumination of day,[John 8 v 12, John 9 v 4,5] you can walk by [collective] starlight alone, with cautious care.  Man has used stars more for navigation than their light, or sometimes just one [Polaris].  So will serious students [in their respective own times] from their studies release “points of light” for believer’s collective navigation of Scriptural application? [Psm 119 v 105].