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Acts 17 v 11

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Olivet Prophecy, A Spatial Analysis;

Three Prophecies are often called the Olivet Prophecies, there are actually just two.  But it is so easy for most of us, to fuse all three together at first Bible reading, which by then has become our natural habit in Gospel reading.  

For our purpose here I will name them as;

Luke 21: “Temple Mount” –Luke 21 v 1 & 5 First in time probably earlier on the same day as Olivet One & Two.

Mathew 24: “Olivet One” –Matthew 24 v 3 Most detailed

Mark 13: “Olivet Two” –Mark 13 v 3 Briefer account than Matthew, but with additional details

Also read Luke 21 v 37,38 –Once you’ve read all the verses just muse to get your view adjusted.

-One in the morning and two record the same evening meeting.

Diagram Fig:5.

So far there is nothing new, its just a common mistake most of us easily make, though correction does open things up, so read on….


The questions seem so similar, but they are not- but that takes a little more looking.

To clearly spatially separate them first let us refresh our Jewish recollections.

There is an on-going Prophecy at this time the ‘Seventy Weeks’ : Daniel 9 v 27 in just a few days Jesus will cause ‘gift offering to cease’. So the Olivets were given at the 70th  half week.  What comes next Daniel 9 v 27b for Jerusalem and Temple is pending.  Your Jewish interest should now be curious maybe fearful?

KJV:” and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.”

Then Jesus tells of ‘not a stone on a stone’, those who knew the ‘Seventy Weeks’ would be ‘ALL EARS’!

Now for some detail reading;

The question: Luke 21 v 7 [is about v6]

But you only need to read verse 12 to 24 to get the complete answer [esp: v20], all they needed 33CE  to 70CE is in there.,

Now note the additional information which has been given, there is a clear End Time flavour to verses 8 to 11

Then verse 12 says ‘but before’ and then completely answers the [21 v 7] question before returning to further End Times and even a second coming v27.

Is this End Time content going into fulfilment according to Luke 21 v 32’s generation?

Remember Jesus also used ‘this generation’ at Matthew 23 v 36.

So when the by now puzzled Disciples questioned him privately, it is in connection with the extra information recorded in Luke 21, not about Temple stones.

Hope this helps.

Ps; In view of all this then a question……..

How different are Matthew 24 v 15 & Luke 21 v 20 and does your interpretation of Matthew 24 v 15 reflect Luke 21 v 20 as fulfilled?

Olivet Prophecy,

A Spatial Analysis;