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Acts 17 v 11

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Desktop site index

In order to produce a Mobile friendlier site the desktop pages are all copied and converted to mobile sizes.  This doubles the pages, the two site indexes are basically the same to view, but behave slightly differently for sections of pages in navigation.

On the left are headers generally in green font, under these are child pages also sharing the same number set as the header [differing in the second number].  In longer pages anchors are inserted into the text  so; the page has a number x.x , then under this a phrase without a number these must be navigated to from the site index for your device –or you will only get the top of the page.

All mobile pages are prefixed with m.  desktop pages have no prefix the list under a header  are all the same as the header  -all desktop OR all mobile.

When searching for something within a page, go from the list for your device [desktop or mobile]

If you mix up with pages or headers it will not matter you will by redirected to the correct page or header for your device.

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