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Acts 17 v 11

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Daniel; on the cusp of the Last Days

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Been working on Daniel it is now almost complete.  It’s in Google docs, so its possible to share the master manuscript for anyone with the link, while I am still finishing - which is;


Copy and paste to browser, if you use Google docs it loads and starts easily, This way Google still allows me to update the work, so check back from time2time.

New Commentary on Daniel 2020.  Adjusted for Porphyry’s miss-guidance.  Missing Kings re-inserted.  One Table riddle. Ships of Kittim located in the time stream.  Place day-year 1335 & 1290 History fit.  End-time interests.  Connect Dan 11 Matt 24 & Rev  18.  Eschatology.

Not done this before but document should appear below using Google imbedded code link.