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Acts 17 v 11


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The enigmatic three and a half times puzzler.

In most of these cases it seems to directly relate to “a time period”, but no single solution makes sense in all the places where it is used, because the statements it is related to are also symbolic.  I refer here to the widely accepted meaning being three and a half years, as first suggestion.

My apologies to those who have used much time in 3½ year based calculations, as for some years I have suspected the case below, but did not think myself able to prove it [subject to Acts 17 v 11].  Then in the last few days it seemed so simple.

Getting to three and a half is the easy bit, Revelation 11 gives a row of clues  

v2; 42 [42/12= 3½  ]

V3; 1260 [1260/360= 3½  ]

-we have a common denominator of three and a half which is used again directly in verses 9 & 11.

Go back and re-initialise your thoughts on where we are here 11 v 1 & 2.

So when the riddle is stated in verse 3 who is setting the times?

Here is another solution to this.

Not the usual Numbers 14 v 34 but 2 Peter 3 v 8, if you were able to actually be in the place of Revelation 11 just what would the pages in god’s own diary read as?

3 and a half times 1,000 years= 3,500 years.

I suggest we view this as a bracketing figure, or a zone of permit.

Revelation 11 gives some testing points, the period includes;

Verse 5 consider Exodus 9 v 24, 1 Kings 18 v 37,38, 2 Kings 1 v 10,12, 2 Kings 6 v 17, clearly inside the three and a half.

Verse 6 consider 1 Kings 17 v 1, Exodus 7 v  19 clearly inside the three and a half.

Verse 7 consider  Mathew 23 v 37, Romans 8 v 35 & 36 clearly inside the three and a half.

This shows an inclusion of both Hebrew and Gentile servants of God across time.

The clue is again from Revelation 11 v 3 notice the address- “two witnesses”

Who or what are they, there are several ways of looking at this;

The separation of civil power and religious administrations, in Israel could be the two witnesses.


The Jewish system then the Christian one, as two witnesses.


Signifies true witness on behalf/for God.

Dates of the Exodus are not agreed on, but is probably after the conquest, when Israel stands as a Nation on its God given land.  Perhaps any time in Joshua’s commission.  Since from then on there is a formal nation which is God’s.

Consider Isaiah chp, 43.

However 3½ God days/times are 3500 years. [3449.69 years if Anderson applied.]

Which means its near ending soon.

Now do an Acts 17 v 11 on the above-don’t believe a word I say!

To stay balanced each way may I suggest; Daniel 9 v 2.: 2 Thessalonians 2 v 3.: Mathew 24 v 36. & Mark 13 v 32, 33.:

2/4/2018  Reader.

m.10.7   The enigmatic three and a half times