4.10  Genesis 1 v 26 additional

Human Design

Walking upright is not only possible but pleasantly comfortable to healthy people, some [I understand] humans can outrun a horse [distance not speed]. We can still climb trees but in comparison are about as good at it, as a monkey at walking upright. Instead of using the foot as though half-a-hand we perch on our feet like a bird.[shin 90 degrees to foot]. The human knee locks back [just goes past straight] and we stand erect without effort. Tired people often groan when asked to stand, once up its easy to stay up. Most animals when standing erect are in a state of constant effort.

Though some intelligence is seen in animals sage like wisdom is not evidenced. Not only is the intelligence greater in Mankind, powerful facilities are added;

-Abstraction, multi-level understanding [and the sower went sowing, some fell on stony soil].

-Sort subjects into separate sections or use different subjects together [count the sheep not the goats].

-Right and wrong [Dad, but you said! ... ].

-Emotion, gives life flavour and meaning [Jerusalem, Jerusalem ... as a hen gathers chicks].

Human body in health has a quality of continence which allows society to be polite. At the next chimp’s tea party just consider how it would be, if we had the chimpanzee continence. If you have eaten a little carelessly, ... well a person can maintain a dignity even if a little unwell. In terms of "survival of the fittest" this is no advantage, in terms of human dignity .... Priceless.

There is a beautiful trade off between power and flexibility in the human frame, maximising our ability to have a try at anything [we wish] and go almost anywhere [we wish]. At almost any "movement action" there is an animal specially designed to do it better, but the human frame can serve any mind; ballet, gymnast, conjuror, trapeze, sewing, painting, poet. I refer to science fiction how many convincing intelligent aliens have they come up with in non humanoid form? It may resemble the ape/monkey but is clearly designed to serve a sentient intelligent mind.

The creation of Mankind, by a Creator who though source of the Image not himself of the material form, must rank as one of or the greatest exercises in empathy?

And when you praise the beauty of a flower, sunset, taste of of food or any of the many delicacies of being human; is not the greatest one of all our very own personal copy of His Image?

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