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Discernment #; Matthew 24 v 15b and Daniel.

#Strong’s numbers: 314, 3539

314; to know again i.e. by extension to read:-read.

3539; to exercise the mind {observe} to comprehend, heed:-consider, perceive, think, understand.

English part copied from my copy of Strong’s.

Seems an odd remark, is there something to be careful of here?

[ Make notes with a pencil here, it may help.]

Try the following way of reading this chapter;

Read Daniel chapter 9 v 26, 27 first,

[this prophecy was in the concluding portion of fulfilment with Jesus and in the listener’s present expectations, for the extra questions in the evening.  Try to see the Disciples Jewish mindset from Daniel.

Context 9 v 22 to 27.]


Read Matthew 24 v 1 to 8


Refer to Daniel  11 v 32 to 35


Read Matthew 24 v 9 to 14


Read Matthew 24 v 15 to 22 & note v 21 “Great Tribulation”.

SEE DIAGRAM; Discernment

Consider: Matthew 24 v 15 with  2Thessalonians 2 v 4 (& context)

Consider: Daniel 11 v 31b & 12 v 11,12 with Revelation 14 v 8,9,10  Revelation 18 v 4.