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Zero verse Zero,   Contents for Zero verse Zero

Reasons why there must have been a Creation.  Avoids religious or Scriptural argument in favour of logical mechanics of things around us.  Uses comparison with Human creativity with interesting results.  Some are simple a few need a calculator.  Should beef up the debate.

Creation,   Contents for Creation

A dozen articles on the seven days of creation. Logic in Genesis chapter one with some consideration of modern science. There are still good reasons to believe because of Genesis chapter one!

Yahweh’s Watershed,  Close look at the wording of Genesis 2 v 4

The two Creation accounts.

Check out your view on the significance of this verse.

Eden and Sin,    Contents for Eden and Sin.

Sometimes thought of as a continuation of the previous account, if the significance of 2 v 4 is missed.  This is Bible record told with great care, the simplicity is to leave the clues visible.  A few hours with this, and you too can calculate the 666 etc. Yes actually a simple calculation, but it leads on....

Words used by Genesis. Check list by means of review.

Words, where ‘a context’ is defined by use in Genesis.

666 What Next? You may need to flee?

The Lawless one and you.

Revelation 13,  Test the Eden Solution

Does the “Eden Solution” answer the question as asked by the Scripture?

The Gospel Answer to Adam's Fall, The Virgin Birth

How to produce the saviour out of woman without sin, to redeem Mankind

Yahweh, Immanuel Information




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