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To the Seven Congregations:

I must consider the audience for a work such as this; The “Congregations of Revelation” in chapters 1 v 20 & chps 2 & 3, I take as the definition/orders given me.  Therefore All Christendom, all who do or will accept the Christ as Saviour, without any limitation imposed “by me” it is not my place to judge Christ’s servants, or more realistically All we sinners who try to be such.

The “Trinity” if we cannot see God why should it make any difference? Yet some have gone into the flames over this issue. Why is it such a divisive painful doctrine?

Taking Revelation 18 v 4 seriously as is due Revelation 1 v 1 and appreciating it equals Genesis 2 v 16,17.  Why are Christians just so blasé, Laodacean of this clear dire warning, even many “End Timers”.  

But who or what is “Babylon the Great”? Christians can be in Babylon otherwise why warn them?

  Have you ever seen a film when somebody afterwards says ‘by William Shakespeare’? because of the plot outline, my dad used to. [look up Forbidden Planet, Seven Samurai] You will soon see Genesis Eden account as rewritten in paganism and in some Christian dubious adoptions. Components and relationships of the Eden account continuously retold and repackaged even today.

For many the Shock; That the Trinity is “The Apostasy”, in being the worship of Adam and Eve in place of the God of Abraham more specifically known as; Yahweh aka Jehovah. The basis for the Pagan world will be seen in Genesis (2 v 4-3 v 24) and thence its later forced intrusion into the Christian Church becomes much clearer. The Trinity of Christendom is the visible manifestation of Adam and Eve’s Cult Apotheosis. We Christians as a group have done no better than the Jews of old in keeping false worship out of the “Temple”.

Be honest, some of you are not that surprised.

It is from understanding the Eden story, the 666 can be calculated.  No gematria here its a calculation, no glib reasoning here it’s a calculation, no dogma here it’s a calculation. Its what is says in the verse, its a calculation.

-check the math. Check the verse this is the way it is instructed to be done.

The calculation is simple enough, to show where the numbers come from in Scripture a little more work is involved.   You did not expect it to be too simple did you?  Some think or expect a sort of one line solution, if it were that simple surely it would have been solved years ago.

And why is it a Man’s number and who is/was that man?

The Virgin Birth, although all Christians and Muslims accept this; would you like to be able to explain it, as moral.  How to produce the saviour out of woman without inheriting her sin, in order to redeem Mankind?

Then you will be able to read Mathew 24 v 15 with discernment.

Take it steady, simple in most cases but can be involved.

The “Index to Articles” is an ordered way to go. It is nearly the order of the writing, therefore my own learning process pathway.  Originally my thought was to write something on Evolution vs Creation maybe followed by a study of the number six, but it does not belong to a man to direct his own steps.  This in some ways is a journal of the path I went along.

If you prefer to look at subjects try the “Site map”, links can be to the paragraph/sentence far more detail.



If you have read any of these books it will help, to get into the thinking methods here;

The Bible”, [as the subjective material], esp Genesis, Daniel , Revelation,  Written down nearly 2000 & upwards years ago.

YIi website” is written for believers of various Christian thinking.

And [as methodology sources /origins]

The Two Babylons”, by Alexander Hislop: ISBN 0 7136 0470 0   1976. Hislop’s main ideas are often inferred, just read a chapter if you can.  The Seminal Academic work on Babylon, written 150 years ago.  [I do not share the idea of blaming all on Rome and also replace Nimrod with Adam as source.]

The Greek Myths”, by Robert Graves, esp the generous footnotes: ISBN 0-14-020508-X  1986.  Just like Hislop if you understand some of this thinking or have made some forays into ancient religion artefacts. Try Grave’s footnotes on the judgement of Paris as an example.  

If you can see the Mesopotamian origins, know of trinities in the pagan world you will have already a partial or full understanding of Hislop’s work.  For Graves; sacred kings, sky gods, along with some museum or site visits.  Not to worry if you have the Internet, just check as you go.

Your Will be Done”, by WTB&TS  1958. May get you part the way on Daniel.  This Website text though uses the literal Ships of Kittim events -yes a literal ships of Kittim, which its seems all bar this site, so far, have completely missed.


Why have I/this writer chosen to use Yahweh instead of the much more popular and accepted: Jehovah.

Because this is a work for persons of different viewpoints, who may seek to understand.  There is no great difference in meaning between the two versions of the Name, I need my readers to be free to think and perhaps there is less emotional connection with “Yahweh” -if you like its more academic,  as the Divine Name, thus the name Yahweh is more readily a word for discussion.  You can use “Yahweh” as a technical term more easily, if you write hymns/poetry its the other way around.

It is no more than that: use either one but use one.


Believers in the One God of Abraham, Jews, Christians, the recent “Messianic Judaism” & Muslims.

For this work many of the dividing ideas among your faith groups are too minor, the work concentrates on the origins of sin and of the hope God provided, that bit predates all the major believing groups.

As primary doctrine; there is a shared view of One God, who is a single identity who does not share his glory with any other.

But your perspective view of these things will differ, I cannot write for everybody’s starting religious viewpoint so think as you go.

- Some Jews and Muslims may not be aware, there are a few Christian groups who reject the trinity teaching; these have been persecuted at times and called Arian, heretic, non-conformist or non-orthodox, (though many who accept the trinity do so passively not understanding or questioning it).

Some Christians and Jews may not recognise that the Messiah is accepted in Islam.

Some Christians and Muslims may have omitted to notice the prophesied awakening of acceptance of the Messiah by the Jews; Romans 11 v 25,26.

Jews who read this work could keep Exodus 20 v 3 in mind.

Christians if you agree the logic you might have to change to some degree, but we are warned of a great apostasy, if its not this then its another somewhere.

Those of Islam refer to Koran Sura 5 v 69 to 74, also note Genesis is part of the Torah; Koran Sura 3 v 1 to 4.  I have read an English version [Darwood] of the Koran but no further Islamic texts.

I do not seek to change anybody’s religion that is your choice, but I do hope you will pass this on to others and GET OUT OF BABYLON, Revelation 18 v 4; you-they-all of us.  We can sort out those religious differences after Babylon has been destroyed.

This site is about just this one doctrine: One God verses the ‘three in one god’, this is the issue.  Therefore this is given to you All.


This Website is an individual’s method to release the results of “my study/work?” to everyone via the Internet.  You may find of interest whatever you will.  There is no backup of a religious group behind this -so no dogma, its for your mind. Me to You, just that. The website name is not referring to any organisation, body or religion, just giving credit to God and son.    As no committee has checked this always read as though it were a first draft.  Forgive me if at times; I may ramble, miss things out, repeat things. Thank God not me, what I have done is what I ought to have done.