SUMMARY: Zero verse zero

Uses applied science and manufacture method to demonstrate some critical or near fatal problems for the theory. Mankind is creative in action, therefore we can use man's works as examples of creative (manufacture artisan) methods, and when we look at Nature we find ..... Parallels!

Does not use reasoning based on belief which is why its called zero verse zero, therefore not religion specific. May prove useful where different faiths have common cause to establish or defend the case for a Creation. Such as, where parents seek to influence the curriculum to be taught to their child at school. Or at those times when Creation is scoffed at before the conversation even starts, and you require a serious opening gambit, or more. May move some from atheist to a more open agnostic position.

Most people live in a faith moulded culture, where even atheists may not recognise the deep changes removing the influences of the Divine may ensue. Issues of right and wrong or moral values have no real root of power if there is no God commanding such, except perhaps as some somewhat human convention/agreement. The Divine moral authority is therefore reduced to the height of your fellow man, frightening if that works its way to every nasty element of society. One wonders how many wrong deeds have been prevented by fear of God? That is either fear as deep respect or fear as a dread.

Note that the true atheist-evolutionist has not been put fully to the test, no Creator means NO INTELLIGENT DIRECTED FORMATION. They have to prove it ALL happened by chance, just bashing the Creationist is far from enough. (The most literal of, but not the only believers in a Creation.) It is so Human, two extremes forcefully engaged to each castigate the other. If I might point out, all the middle ground considers some input to a creation! Whereas; the believer in a Creation may fail to win full victory, Creation still stands unless the pure Atheist can prove complete non intervention by a(ny) Creator divine or disinterested.

At the same time are they putting in place something to replace belief in morals and values, it would be the responsible thing to do?

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