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These are prepared with non-believers in mind and argue on the practical difficulties Evolution would run into. There are several things where our technology experience shows natural systems are artisan or intelligence made. Designed to persuade the atheist to see the many logical problems if no creator for Nature.

Preparing a Believer for a debate with an Atheist.

The writer’s viewpoint is Manufacturing Industry and Horticulture, both at a skilled level.   

A Summary, of the Sixteen articles.

1/ Why Zero verse zero?

2/ Self

Establish a Creation without resort to Doctrine.

The following articles now all function on Human experience of all kinds, some are simple others more involved -so something for everyone. Doctrine is not used so believers make the case for a creation from the Nature around us. There is no need to use Scripture to make these points. But, to be fair there are three nice verses cited, one of Jewish, one of Christian, one from Islam. The choice is yours as the points raised work from applied science, Nature or your calculator etc. .

3/ 'Balance of Nature'?

4/ Recycle

5/ Some say .... however,

6/ Linkage device-to-device

7/ No Watchmaker

8/ Research & Design Experience and Evolution of New Types

9/ Thinking Chances and Ducks with Degrees

10/ The First Light Sensitive Spot & The Eye

11/ 'Millions of years' does sound a lot

12/ Of all the stars in all the galaxies in all the time

13/ Of Atoms & Screws

14/ ATGC in DNA code.

15/ Divine suggestions seen in Mankind

16/ Conclusion

Yahweh, Immanuel Information




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